2003-09-08 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

Sep 11, 2003, 7:06:36 PM9/11/03
to st...@mozilla.org
2003-09-08 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

Present: myk, asa, seth, chofmann, mitchell, scc, gerv.

*1.5 Final update*

- We didn't branch last week
- 10 days behind schedule with branching
- 6-8 bugs on the list, after two rounds of triage
- chofmann and asa want to do a RC early this week, and another next
week, both off the branch
- 1.5 beta usage not very high
- strongly want to branch this week
- "Roadmap out of date" is a known issue; brendan to update as soon as

*1.4.1 update*

- 100 bugfixes since 1.4
- 3 big flaws fixed (which were in NS 7.1)
- Asa spent the weekend testing, and verifying high profile stuff
- This is a minor release and so will be a low-key rollout
- Hope to do that this week

*Server migrations*

- New CVS mirror is too fast! It makes Tinderbox able to cycle too
quickly... :-)
- Roughly half the services now run from Foundation hardware
- On course to get everything done by September 30th
- Myk looking into the possibility of a good mirror system for mozilla
FTP services

*Other decisions*

- Change meetings henceforth to include Foundation employees
- Put up a page of people who are employed by the Foundation


MS Suresh

Sep 13, 2003, 4:20:37 AM9/13/03
please let me know what are the "3 big flaws fixed (which were in NS 7.1)".



Gervase Markham <ge...@mozilla.org> wrote in message news:<3F60FFF...@mozilla.org>...

Gervase Markham

Sep 15, 2003, 5:51:42 AM9/15/03
MS Suresh wrote:

> please let me know what are the "3 big flaws fixed (which were in NS 7.1)".

You'd have to ask Asa which three he was referring to. Or search for
critical/blocker bugs targetted at 1.4.1.


Jacek Piskozub

Sep 15, 2003, 1:49:08 PM9/15/03
When the atom clock displayed 15/09/2003 11:51, Gervase Markham emitted
the following byte stream:

One was probably the GDI resources problem on Win98/ME.


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