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1.0 Branch Status

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David Baron

May 28, 2002, 11:15:02 PM5/28/02
Drivers have taken only a handful of very low-risk changes since RC3
(and there are a few more going in tonight), and we think what we're
going to have by later tonight will be something that we can call 1.0.
We'd also like to get the branch open quickly for progress towards 1.0.1
and further point releases on the 1.0 branch.

Therefore, once we get the few remaining patches in tonight, we're
planning to tag the tree with a tag that is *likely* to become 1.0.
Then we're going to reopen the 1.0 branch to drivers-approved checkins.
(Netscape employees will have additional ADT approval requirements, but
they should already know about those.)

If we need to take additional fixes for 1.0, we'll either push the tag
(if the files in question haven't otherwise changed on the branch) or
branch the necessary files (or more) and re-tag. We don't expect to
have to do this. If we do, we'll decide later exactly how to handle it.

-David (for drivers)

L. David Baron <URL: >

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