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The Mozilla Foundation

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Brendan Eich

Jul 15, 2003, 11:59:15 AM7/15/03
We're very pleased to announce the creation of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization that will serve as the new home for  The Mozilla Foundation will continue's work of coordinating the development of the Mozilla codebase.  With an independent non-profit as the legal home for Mozilla, we will also promote the distribution and adoption of Mozilla applications and technologies.  In addition, we will raise funds to ensure Mozilla's long-term survival.

We have always wanted an independent organization for Mozilla, and those of us who've been on have conducted Mozilla business according to what we judged was good for Mozilla, not what was good for any one corporate contributor.  It has not always been easy to wear two hats; conflicts have come and gone, but we're better off for our experience running the project as an open source meritocracy.  There was never any other way to go.

Now that the Mozilla Foundation has been launched, we believe the time is ripe to move aggressively toward new distribution channels, new end-user markets, and better incorporation of developer-driven innovations from the whole Mozilla community.

Whenever a project shifts footing or changes focus, there is tension between old and new.  We are sensitive to this tension, and we do not plan any abrupt changes. staff will continue to manage the project.  Three members of staff will be on the Board of Directors of the Mozilla Foundation -- Mitchell Baker, Brendan Eich, and Chris Blizzard -- so the governing body of the Mozilla Foundation is congruent with long-term project leadership.  The Board's role is to provide general oversight.  The role of staff, drivers, reviewers, and module owners will continue as before.

We're fortunate to start with significant seed funding, and we expect to spend the bulk of it on salaries for key staff members and technical contributors.   We will continue our focus on technical excellence in our on-going quest for standards compliance, portability, performance, and innovative end-user features.

Mozilla has won numerous awards and acclaim lately.  The Mozilla Foundation is great news for all members of the Mozilla community.  We hope you'll join us in working with to make Mozilla an even greater success in the future.

Mitchell Baker and Brendan Eich

Jay Garcia

Jul 15, 2003, 12:19:05 PM7/15/03
May I have permission to post this on the UFAQ as posted in it's
entirety here?

Also, if I can help in any way with this new venture, please don't
hesitate to call on me or the rest of the NS Champs as well.

Who knows, maybe a "Mozilla Champion" ?? :-)


BTW: Posted here, email rejeced as SpamMail ??? :-(

Jay Garcia - Netscape Champion
Netscape News Server Volunteer Administrator
Post To Group Only - No Email Please

Gervase Markham

Jul 15, 2003, 12:42:33 PM7/15/03
Jay Garcia wrote:
> May I have permission to post this on the UFAQ as posted in it's
> entirety here?

Of course, this is up to brendan, but here's my view:

Mozilla is not Netscape, even more so now than ever :-) Given that has a bit Netscape logo at the top, and the Mozilla presence is
limited to a few forum links in the bottom corner, is putting it there
really the right thing?

This is not a slapdown; it's just that if that text appeared verbatim on
the front page of, it would seem like Brendan had posted it
there, and people would wonder why he was making this announcement on a
Netscape-related site.

Could you perhaps just link to the Google Groups entry (when one
appears), and/or the MozillaZine discussion (when one appears)? More of
a "news item" feel...


Jay Garcia

Jul 15, 2003, 12:55:25 PM7/15/03

On 15.07.03 11:42, Gervase Markham wrote:

--- Original Message ---

I understand, but I wasn't complete with my request above. My intention,
tho not stated entirely, is to add a link in the center section as a
"News Item" that links to an html page with just Brendan's announcement,
no more no less and not as a direct statement by Brendan on the front page.

You do realize that this statement is going to be plastered all over the
planet, taken out of context, etc. I'd just like to be the first to post
it "as written". ;-)

pascal chevrel

Jul 15, 2003, 1:17:35 PM7/15/03

Too late, we are already releasing and commenting it in all mozilla and
standards related French weblogs ;-)


Jay Garcia

Jul 15, 2003, 1:55:47 PM7/15/03

--- Original Message ---

Oh yeah, well I beat ya to it. I got the go-ahead from Mitchell Baker
and it's already posted on the UFAQ as a News Item. :-)

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