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2003-05-19 - Summary of staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

May 29, 2003, 2:03:27 PM5/29/03
2003-05-19 - Summary of staff meeting

Present: scott, dmose, mitchell, myk, asa, dawn.

*1.4 status*

- Still too many bugs (35) to branch
- Asa is working with apps and drivers to get the list down
- Guesstimate of branch date: middle of next week

*Mozilla Firebird 0.6 feedback*

- Mozilla Firebird 0.6 was well received
- Lots of people blogging that they'll switch from Opera and IE
- Overall 0.6 better received and more widely reported on than 0.5

*Cooperation with Ports Maintainers*

- super-reviewers discussed better communication with port maintainers
- Everyone agrees that more communication is better and there should be
places to post alerts (tinderbox, mozillazine, n.p.m.announce)
- add owners to ports owners pages
- super-reviewers also said they should be made aware of code that might
break ports and should require patch authors to announce changes.
- super-reviewers are the ones that might be able to identify breaking
changes and could instruct patch authors to communicate with ports
owners before landing.
- This is not a change in policy about the status of ports

*Security fixes for the 1.0 branch*

- Some companies have long term commitments to the 1.0 branch
- They therefore care about security fixes, but someone needs to do
the work
- We said we would maintain 1.0 branch for a year, and new fixes are
harder and harder to backport
- module owner will identify the fixes that it's sensible to backport
- resources needed

*CVS account disabling*

- Dawn will do another round of dead CVS account disabling
- Myk will enable web site CVS access for remaining people


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