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Robert Kaiser

May 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/7/99
First of all: I'm no developer, I do NOT read ANY newsgruops at all in
normal cases.

But: I just downloaded Mozilla/5.0 M5 of 19990506 (Win95) and found it
to be great work. I am convinced the final release will be the best
existing browser software by far. And the "Gecko" layout engine appeared
to be REAL fast in displaying (I'm using a 486DX-33 / 16 MB RAM
computer!!!) compared to Navigator 4.51 and MSIE 4.01...

Loading my own home page (http://start.at/kairo), which is using some
frames and tables with JavaScript elements to "emulate" a Star Trek
computer, I saw there's some problem with frame margins: Gecko ignored
my "marginheight=0" and "marginwidth=0" properties used in <frame> tags.

And I am not sure if it interpreted <spacer> tags (I am also not sure if
they are official HTML 4.0 tags, but Netscape 4.51 displays them
correctly...), or if the missing spaces result from interpreting table
borders in a different way.
As a hole, the home page and the "Star Trek: Inconstruction" site, which
is linked from the home page, looked worse than in MSIE 4.01. I hope
that gets better with following preview releases - and, of course, in
the final version.
If you want to see/analyse the differences yourself, compare Netscape
4.51 view (and perhaps MSIE 4.01 view) of "http://start.at/kairo" to
Mozilla/5.0 M5 view - that's what I used.

If you want to reply to this message reaching me really, do that to my

Robert Kaiser, Vienna, Austria

Eric Krock

May 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/7/99
Hi Robert --

Thanks for your wonderful words of support for Gecko! It really
means a lot to hear that kind of response after all the team's work.

I have a quick favor to ask: in order to make sure that your problems
get reproduced, tracked, and resolved, could you please get a
Bugzilla account at http://www.mozilla.org/bugs/ and then file
one bug report for each problem at http://bugzilla.mozilla.org?
This will make sure your problems get assigned a tracking number,
and you'll even be able to watch us reproduce and resolve them.
Plus, it will give you a bugzilla membership to report other bugs in
the future!

Thanks very much for helping us to make Gecko the best browser
engine, and Nav5 the best browser, ever shipped!

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