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Robert Ginda

Sep 19, 2001, 6:42:49 PM9/19/01
For those of you who don't already know, I'm working on a JavaScript debugger
for Mozilla/Netscape browsers. I'd like to publicly call n.p.m.jseng home for
Venkman related discussion, providing the current readership doesn't have a
problem with it. If traffic gets too heavy, we can consider a creating group of
it's own. Please respond in this thread with your thoughts on the subject.

In the meantime, here is the first Venkman announcement...

Major functionality and UI changes have landed. The largest of these new
features are step over, step out, and graphical object inspection. In addition
to the code, some documentation has been posted to help users (and manager types
alike) to get a feel for how to use the debugger, and the history, goals, and
layout of the project. The next big step will be getting an XPI package for
Venkman that can be installed on 0.9.4 builds. Please feel free to review the
documentation (and code, if you're so inclined) and send your feedback to

Venkman homepage
Project Overview
User Guide


Martin van Dijken

Oct 10, 2001, 4:48:23 AM10/10/01
Hey Rob,

I found your project through the Mozilla web-site. I find the effort
to be an extremely good project. I must say I haven't checked it out
yet, but would like to stress something before I start using it.
Please, please and I do mean PLEASE don't install this feature
standard. This might seem very logical to you, but I found through
using MS Visual Studio that my explorer is fully fucked up as a
browser now. Every site I visit seems to have JS-errors, which cause
MS Visual Studio Debugger to pop up. Now I know you guys are far more
discrete about these things, looking at how the JS-console is
implemented in Mozilla currently, but I still wanted to make this

All right, I'll go check out what you guys've made right now.
Hopefully all my ranting and raving was inappropriate.



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