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Jose L. Sagado

Apr 28, 2009, 11:24:33 AM4/28/09


I was surfing by the groups (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, ETC.), when I saw an article saying something about earning money fast. �Well -said to myself-, I have to see what kind of schematic can they show in internet�. These article described the way of sending BY MAIL, 1 EURO OR AMERICAN DOLLAR TO JUST 6 PERSONS AND EARNING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN 4 WEEKS. Okay, the more I thought about this, the more excited I as getting. It seemed a scam, but I was curious, so I kept reading. After meditating it, I decided to give it a try. It is really worth just 6 euros, or 6 U.S. dollars and 6 postage stamps, I spent more buying lottery and I've never won. This is not a scam; is not indecent, is not illegal, and is 99% freerisk, it really works if you adhere to the instructions, you will receive extraordinary dividends.

I must also tell you that this system has fulfilled its natural cycle, in other words, has proven its effectiveness and excellent results. Also, this system does not require physical contact with people, nor requires a heavy duty or difficult and the best: you do not have to leave home except to collect their mail. This is a program that uses the electronic medium Global Internet platform, which ensures its operation in perfect shape. 100% OF THE TIME.

Thousands of people have used this way to get good capital and start their own business. Basically, it is possible through a chain that is lead to thousands of people and that will become a reality for you only with your cooperation. That's why I recommend you carefully follow EXACTLY THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THIS LETTER, saying once more that this is 100% safe and that you will not regret having read this article and putting it in practice ... SHARE AND RECEIVE MONEY FAST ... BY MAIL. THIS REALLY WORKS


� Get 6 sheets of white paper and write: "PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST�. Then, write your own name, address and e-mail. And as a nice thing also write in what position was every name of people when you sent your DOLLAR OR EURO (eg "You were in slot 3�), so you can make it more complete.The goal is to make money and have a good time at the same time, all with good. will.
� Now bend the page where you have written the above around the 1 Euro coin or 1 U.S. dollar bill. Do not sent checks or other payments, only Euros or American Dollars.
� Put it all inside an envelope and send it to each one of the 6 persons listed, the idea of doubling the paper over the Euro is to ensure that it will arrive at its destination so that is an important thing. Otherwise the people who works in the mail could detect that there is money inside and they could get the thousands of incoming envelopes, so it is recommended to wrap everything, additionally, in a charcoal paper so noone could see through the envelope.
� What we're doing is creating a service and as such, it is COMPLETELY LEGAL. From now on, you are not sending a EURO or one dollar to any person without any grounds, you are paying An EURO or DOLLAR for a legitimate service. Then you must send the 6 envelopes to following addresses:

1) Mario Jose Cardozo Matute
Sector OPS El Picacho Calle Venezuela,
Urb. Trebol Country Edf. Altamira piso PB Apto C.
Edo. Miranda Mpio. Los Salias, San Antonio de los Altos
C.P. 1173, Venezuela.

2) Marcos Gonzalo Lopez
San Luis 312 B 9 de Julio
Palpala, Jujuy, Argentina C.P.4612

3) Jorge Luis Munoz Garcia
Bernardo Alcedo 197 Dpto. 403
Santa Cruz Miraflores Lima, Peru C.P. Lima 18

4) Edgar Jorge Nava Arambula
Carranza #500 zona centro
Villa Union, Poanas Durango, Mexico
C.P. 34803

5) Gildardo J. Villarreal
709 Concord St.
Aurora, Il. 60505 USA

6) Jos� L. Salgado
Av. De Las Palmeras N46-384 y Madro�os
Provincia: Pichincha
Quito - Ecuador


Listen carefully, this is the way how are you going to receive money by mail. Look at the list of the six people, clear the name # 1 in the list above, and add yours at the end of it, so the # 2 becomes # 1 and the # 3 becomes # 2, the # 4 becomes # 3 and the # 5 becomes 4 and so on. So you are now the number 6, include your name, address, postal code, city, state and country.


Change everything you think is useful on this article, but try to keep as close as possible to the original. Now put your article at least 200 newsgroups, forums, classified or free ads, and publicate it (To reach them, just put into any search engine these terms: newsgroups, discussion forums, classified ads or free guestbooks, and thousands of pages will appear). You only need 200, but the more numbers you get, the more you will be sent to you.

Here are some Indications of how to break into Newsgroups: HOW TO MANAGE NEWSGROUPS: First, you don�t need to write again all this letter to make it yours. Just put the mouse or mouse cursor at the beginning of this letter and select downwards so all the text will be "shady". Then, press CTRL+C. This way it remains in the memory of your computer. Then open an application preferably NOTEPAD Wordpad or Word. Then, once opened any of these Applications place your cursor at the beginning of a blank sheet of paper and Pressing CTRL+V, so you'll have this letter and you can add your name and address in the # 6 by following the instructions above. At Last, save this letter with your changes into a new file in the application. THAT�S ALL. All you have to do now is get in different newsgroups, forums, classified or free ads, and so on. and publicate it.

REMEMBER: DO NOT forget to publish the entire notice or letter with your name on the position 6, disappearing the one which has the number 1; when you acquire practice, it�ll only take you about 30 seconds per newsgroup

It is further recommended that when publishing the description of this article to give it a "trapping name", like: "NEED MONEY FAST? READ THIS ARTICLE" or "NEED MONEY TO PAY YOUR DEBTS? "," DOWNLOAD THIS FILE� AND READ HOW YOU CAN RECEIVE MONEY BY MAIL "and so on. And do not name it: "WIN MILLION IN 1 WEEK",because nobody will take you seriously.

READY! You're getting money from around the world, from places you don�t even know in a few days. MAKE SURE ALL ADDRESSES ARE CORRECT ** Now the WHY of all this: from 200 notices sent, let�s say you only get 5 replies (a very low example).
If only 6 people respond, this makes:
In the # 6: 6 Euros (U.S. $) In # 5: 36 Euros (U.S. $) In the # 4: 216 Euros (U.S. $) In # 3: 1296 Euros (U.S. $) In the # 2: 7776 Euros (U.S. $) In # 1: 46,656 Euros (U.S. $)


And this is the step I like JUST SIT DOWN and when you begin to fall short of money, reactivate it and file re-publish this file in the same places where you are going to do it now and new places you�ll know in the future. Always keep on hand a copy of this article, REACTIVATE IT every time you need money.. THIS IS AN UNBELIEVABLE TOOL THAT YOU CAN USE AGAIN EVERY TIME YOU NEED CASH, IT IS AN EXTRAORDINARY WAY OF SHARING AND IN WHICH WE ATTRACT WEALTH TO OUR LIVES. HONESTY IS WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM SUCCEEDS. DO NOT FORGET IT!

Just one more point, if you translate all this message to other
languages, you can also paste it in various newsgroups of many countries,such as
France, Germany, Russia (I say this as a tip to expand chances of seeing it by a lot more people).


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