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Aug 9, 2008, 2:53:01 PM8/9/08

Sábado, 09 de agosto, año 2008 de Nuestro Salvador
Jesucristo, Guayaquil, Ecuador - Iberoamérica

(Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iván Valarezo)


Thus to believe in Jesus Christ is really to believe in our
heavenly Father, just as the Hebrews believed in Moses before
they began to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
so to deliver them from their enemies that were deeply afraid
of them, because of their constant expansion throughout the
land of Goshen, for example. Our heavenly Father was
increasing the number of the Hebrews more than the number of
the Egyptians or any other nations in the region, for that
matter, "for he had a promise to fulfill" immediately in
those days to Abraham and his descendants.

Therefore, it was our heavenly Father that "made the Hebrew
women fertile," so they would increase tremendously in the
eyes of the Egyptian thus to fulfill the promise that he made
to Abraham when he said to him that his descendants would be
numberless as the stars from heaven or the sand of the sea,
for example. Truthfully, our heavenly Father wanted "to
increase the glory and honor of his name," thus he needed the
Hebrews that believed in him to increase tremendously: for it
was time for the king Messiah to come to their rescue and be
their savior in Egypt, in the desert, in the Promised Land
and until the end of times, in eternity.

This means that our heavenly Father was ready to deliver them
but only throughout the manifestation of his tree of life to
Israel in Egypt and for the families of the nations of the
world as well; here the power of the everlasting sacrificed
blood of Jesus Christ, before the foundation of the world,
"was at work for God's glory." This is the work of our
heavenly Father to begin his brand-new creation that Satan
tried to stop with his lies since the first days of his life
in the Kingdom of God and before the presence of his tree of
life and his faithful holy angels, "so no one will enjoy his
dream of a new life ever."

In truth, this means, our heavenly Father, his Son, his Holy
Spirit and every creature ever created by him, as angels in
their different ranks and glory in heaven and men and women
in paradise and on earth as well, for example, so "they will
never enjoy the spirit of love, happiness and peace together
then and in eternity." However, our heavenly Father knew
better and thus much wiser than Satan and his fallen angles
as always, "he knew how to carry out his holy will with the
Hebrews" and went about to do it, for the well-being of his
entire eternal creation of angels and the human race.

He had to defeat Satan not with might and power of men or
angels, but by the might and ever-increasing power of the
Spirit of the sacrificed blood, life and name of his beloved
Son, our Lord Jesus Christ! What is more, as never before in
heaven, the readiness of the mind and heart of our heavenly
Father to do everything possible and the impossible for the
glory of his holy name was high, but only "through the
presence, life and powers of his Son, the Son of David," The
only true King Messiah!

Our heavenly Father had in the deepness of his holy heart
sketch out the brand-new Jerusalem from heaven, where Satan
and his followers "will never set foot in its holy places"
forever and ever. Genuinely, our heavenly Father was making
his move to begin to bless Israel and her people mightily and
even the Egyptians as well, "only if they believe the word of
God through Messiah and Moses" in those days (and the same is
true today all over the world for every man, woman and child
from the entire human race).

In reality, was Moses hand-to-hand with The Son of David, the
King Messiah, doing all the work of miracles and great
wonders in the heavens and on earth thus to convince the
Egyptians, especial their Pharaoh that "it was time for
Israel to go to the land that their God had promised to their
ancestors." What is more, our heavenly Father wants dearly in
his holy heart, since those ancient days and today as well,
to meet each one of his creation face to face such as angels
and men alike, as he did with Moses and Aaron, for example,
"but only through the Spirit of his dearly beloved Son," our
Lord Jesus Christ!

In those days, the Egyptians were more believing in their
gods from their ancestors more than to believe in the God of
the Hebrews, thus "they shut their eyes to the Messiah,"
because the only thing that they had seeing in the Hebrews
over the years that served them was just pain, agony, death
and an uncertain future. As matter of fact, the Egyptians
knew that the Hebrews were dead and buried in their lands
already perhaps to never reproduce more than what they needed
for their work, so why obey their God; indeed, the Egyptians
were killing the male born already, and the female born
allowed to live, so "they will not multiply or increase

In addition, this was a word from the top, kill the Hebrews,
do not let them live and increase, so they may not join their
strength with our enemies and fight against us. The truth was
that Satan himself was afraid of the Hebrews more than the
Egyptians or any other one, "his wicked kingdom was reaching
the end," for it was time for the manifestation of the Son of
God, but he did not know how, where and when, or with whom
within all the Hebrew families, for example. For Satan, every
thing about God, his Son, his Holy Spirit and the eternal
nation of the Hebrews is a complete mystery since the days of
Egypt and even to this day, especially the in a little while
more manifestation of the Son of David, the King Messiah!

So, why let the Hebrews multiply out of control, as if they
were living in their land already, for example, the Egyptians
asked themselves, "ready to give to the world the King
Messiah", the savior, according to God's promised to their
ancestors, and thus take control of the land, right? That is
to say if you kill a male born, then he could be killing the
King Messiah, because the Messiah is male and not female.
Therefore, Satan and his followers began to kill the Hebrews,
so "the King Messiah will not manifest himself" to them and
the world and like this, our heavenly Father's will would
have come to nothing for the Hebrews and the families of the
entire human race, as he promised to his faithful ones from
old, as Adam, Eve and Abraham.

Furthermore, no one could stop these killings of the Hebrews
in Egypt, "except the tree of life, the Son of David," our
Lord Jesus Christ and with the Spirit of his own sacrificed
blood shining powerfully, since the foundation of the world,
for the liberation of the Hebrews from captivity and the
liberation of every man, woman and child today. Therefore,
the Egyptians were not willing to serve a God that was not
going to led them be the masters of the Hebrews, as they had
been over the years over them, "serving them faithfully as
hard workers", for example, to do all their work for them,
such as making bricks and building their cities and homes for
their families.

The Egyptians were very happy with the Hebrews and their hard
work, in reality, the Egyptians never complained about their
work but saw them as their brothers, as their family "until
Satan concerned himself about the birth and manifestation of
the King Messiah," promised to Abraham and his descendants,
for example, then all hell broke loose for the Hebrews.
Nevertheless, Satan put fear in the hearts of the Egyptians,
because the Hebrews were multiplying very rapidly, and this
was the hand of God over them, and thus "their Messiah could
be born from any of their woman at any given time," for
example, meaning that "freedom from their captivity was
nearer than ever before."

Satan was right this time, believe it or not, and so the
Egyptians too, as far as the coming of the Messiah, the Son
of David, our tree of life, but they did not "know how he was
going to come into Egypt" to set the Israelis free from the
power of the darkness of their long-suffering life and
captivity. Satan, much less the Egyptians, "never thought of
the tree of life descending from paradise" and taking hold of
the Sinai at its top, so Moses saw him and as well the
Egyptians and the Hebrews from all places and even from the
four corners of the world as well, believe it or not, but
they could not touch him.

This was our Eternal Savior coming to Egypt and no one could
stop him much less Satan and his power of darkness and
terrible lies. The King Messiah was in Egypt for the Hebrews
and for the Egyptians too and any one else, if they could
only believe in him as Moses or Aaron, for example; "the same
is true today all over the earth." In truth, every one saw
the tree of life, shining on its greatest glory of the
atoning fire of the blood of the King Messiah for Israel and
the families of the world, but "God only permitted Moses to
come close to it," for the liberation of the Hebrews had
begun in the sight of God and of his angels.

Indeed, Satan was ready with his lies to stop it, with
whatever it took him to do it. Then, those powerful angels
from our heavenly Father would begin to perform mighty
miracles and great wonders in the heaven and on earth, thus
"to convince or force Satan and the Pharaoh of Egypt to let
the Hebrews go to their land," the land that our heavenly
Father had chosen for them to meet him in person. So it took
great wonders and mighty works of miracles and great signs
from heaven and earth "for the Egyptians to begin to believe
that the God of the Hebrews was more powerful than Satan,"
and the gods of their ancestors and their magicians as well
that they were serving in those days, for example.

Even though, the Egyptian magicians were able to perform many
miracles, just as the ones that our heavenly Father had
commanded Moses to perform before the Pharaoh and his
officials, but "they could not defeat the work of God" with
all their magic works, because Satan was too weak
(insignificant or useless) before God and his people. In
truth, Moses and Aaron told the Egyptian Pharaoh how
miraculously the God of the Hebrews had manifested himself to
them on the mountaintop of Sinai; this was a miracle that, in
truth, "even Satan and some other people wanted to see for

Moses told him of the burning bush that he had personally
seen on the side of the mountaintop of Sinai, and how
powerful it was its fire, but without consuming or damaging
anything in its surrounding. Pharaoh did not show any
interest for the tree on fire, nor did he want to go see it
for himself; however, there were other Egyptians that wanted
to see what Moses had seen, so they went up there to the
mountaintop of Sinai, "but our God did not allow them to come
close to him."

They just saw the fire from a distance, Egyptians and Hebrews
alike, but they could not walk close to it; and thus they saw
what Moses saw, and therefore the Egyptians could not deny
what Moses manifested; it was all true, "the tree on fire was
still there shining powerfully," and Pharaoh heard about it
from his own people too. Furthermore, Moses revealed how this
great light and fire were catching the attention of his eyes
from a long-distance, for example, that he began to walk
closer and closer every day to see personally the mystery of
the fire that was not moving at all, "but it was always
faithfully in the same place."

Other fires had taken place on the Mount Sinai, but they had
spread wildly to other places and consumed great quantities
of trees and bushes, however, not this one; this one was a
very especial tree that was on fire and it shinned to reach
far long-distances "to touch the hearts and burn clean inside
the people from darkness." Consequently, the light and its
fire continued to be there faithfully every day in the same
place of the mountaintop, so he could not avoid looking at
it; he had to walk closer and closer day after day and thus
began to wonder why the fire was not spreading to other
places, as the others in other times, for example?

Why the fire and the great shining light were still in the
same place of the mountaintop, as if "it wanted deliberately
anyone to come close to it," especially from those that were
pasturing their herds. Who was doing this, Moses questioned
himself; but there was no immediate answer anywhere in his
heart or in his mind to this question; in reality, no one
knew anything about this tree burning with its strange and
powerful fire, without moving even a single inch to any other
place anywhere around it.

Moses attention was increasing every day and becoming just as
powerful in his heart as the fire itself and its shining
light, for example. Then Moses just continued to get closer
to the tree of life, shining even more than before with its
brilliant light, thus to burn his eyes and the inside of his
heart, "but it was not hurting him at all;" then, amazingly,
all the deep darkness of Satan and their eternal enemies
abandoned him for the first time. Moses began to feel cleaner
and peaceful, as he walked closer to the shining light; a
powerful miracle was taking place before his eyes, and within
his entire being as well; thus "he began to feel a new
person," as a person he never knew before but it was all good

Because, now our heavenly Father was ready to speak to him
face-to-face, but only through the shining light and fire of
his tree of life, the Lamb of God, that takes away the sins
from Israel and from the entire world as well, today and
forevermore, our Lord Jesus Christ! In truth, Moses was about
to speak to the King Messiah face-to-face "just as he would
be speaking to him person-to-person in the Holy of Holies"
within the tabernacle of the Lord God and of Israel, for
example, in the Egyptian desert, about all problems and
mysteries that they could not solve altogether, for example.

Moreover, this is the place from where only our heavenly
Father and the King Messiah, in his Spirit, would speak to
Moses or the high priest of the year in course, about the
affairs of the sin rituals for the people or national
emergencies, thus, "this was the most important place on
earth for the Messiah to speak to Israel." Here, men saw the
King Messiah just about any other day, Moses, Aaron the first
priest, or any high priest from the tribes of the Levites but
once a year and with ceremonial rituals, according to the law
and precepts only; otherwise, "anyone that would enter into
this Holy Place of the Most Holy, then he would drop dead."

So, when Moses got closer to the tree on fire on the
mountaintop of Sinai, and then a voice he heard from it, and
it was the King Messiah speaking to him, just as he had
spoken to father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for example, thus
"to show him and Israel the way" to love and serve our
heavenly Father! This really surprised Moses, because no one
has ever spoken to him this way and it was, in truth, the
beginning of a brand-new era for Israel and the entire human
race, never-known before to men; our heavenly Father was
speaking to Moses through his Son, just as he did to Adam and
Eve in paradise, for example.

The Son of David wanted to teach the Hebrews how to love and
serve our heavenly Father, Creator of the heaven and earth,
by the way of the truth and everlasting life from his tree of
life, ever shining in the powerful presence of the atoning
blood sacrifice for this event and for the salvation of the
entire world. Then, the voice from the tree of life burning
in the everlasting fire of a brand-new life and never-ending
mercy and love from our heavenly Father and his King Messiah
said to Moses, "Remove your sandals, for the ground you are
standing is holy."

Immediately, Moses removed his sandals from his feet; he was
happy to hear that he was now standing in a very holy ground,
just as his father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob stood before the
Lord Messiah in their days, for example; now God was speaking
to him directly thus to bring salvation and blessings to
Israel for generations to come. Then the Lord God said to
Moses, confirming like this on that day, (who he was for him
and for Israel): in truth, "I am the God of your ancestors
speaking to you."

I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of
Jacob; consequently, I have come down from heaven, because I
heard the cries from my people, and I am here to deliver them
from the powers of sin and their enemies, so "they may go to
the land promised to their ancestors, generations ago." This
was, in truth, the Lamb of God speaking to Moses on this
hour: thus to begin to deliver not only Moses from the power
of his enemies but also his brothers, so they may begin to
live and serve their God, "but only through the wonderful
working powers of the tree of life, shining and burning in
their hearts."

This was in truth an altar in their minds, the same altar of
our heavenly Father bringing down from heaven: "life and
liberty for all of them to enjoy at last" such as peace,
happiness, prosperity, growth and the wonderful blessing to
know the King Messiah face-to-face for the glory and honor of
his wonder working-miracle name on earth. Because, the truth
was then, and it is today as well, that the Hebrew nation has
never known how to live in the Spirit of love and peace of
their Creator, our heavenly Father and his much-loved Son,
the Son of David, our Lord Jesus Christ of all times!

In other words, Israel has not known or tasted yet a single
day of the heavenly eternal love, peace, joy, happiness,
liberty and the wonderful blessings of life and glory "of the
tree of life, our King Messiah of all times, our Lord Jesus
Christ, the Son of God," the Son of David! Therefore, our
heavenly Father began to wrestle with the Egyptians every
day, so these blessings of life and peace "may take place in
the heart of Moses and in the hearts of his brothers as
well" for many generations to come, well into all eternity.

Then, our heavenly Father gave Moses and the Israelis his
name; then he said to Moses to your ancestors "I did not
manifest myself to them with mine name": they only knew me as
their God, such as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and
the God of Jacob. However, to you, I will let you know my
real name, which is: I am that I am! So, the Hebrews will
know me as their God by calling me, as "the I am that I am,"
so they may believe and have their sins forgiving forever and
their names written down in "the book of life of the Lamb of
God," in heaven.

Now, when you see the Egyptian Pharaoh, then you must let him
know my name to him as well, so he may listen to you and turn
away from the power of his sins and darkness, and thus let
you go with your brothers to serve and honor me, in the land
I have chosen for this purpose. Then, you will tell him that
your God, "I am that I am," has sent you to him, so to let
your brothers go to the land that I have chosen personally
for them to know and serve me, in the Spirit and life of the
King Messiah, all the days of their lives for many future
generations to come.

However, if the Pharaoh and his officials listen to you, then
it will be good for him and his people, so you may leave
Egypt and possess the land that is waiting for you and your
brothers to serve me in the power of mine holy name, the name
of my dear Son, the Son of David, the King Messiah! On the
other hand, if the Pharaoh and his officials refuse to listen
to you thus to let you go out of their land, then "they have
added sin to their sins," and so I will judge and punish them
according to their own words and deeds, without delay.

In all probability, the Pharaoh of Egypt will not listen to
you: "because he neither knows me as the God of the Hebrews
and much less, he knows the tree of life, the King Messiah,"
for Israel and for the salvation of the entire human race.
Immediately, Moses went to Pharaoh with the message that God
had given him, but he refused to obey God and do his will.
Then, our God said to Moses, "the Pharaoh has added sin to
his sins and to the sins of Egypt as well," by refusing to
listen to my word and honor my name before his nation.

Now, the Pharaoh and his people are going to know with what
kind of God they are dealing with, and how he is going to
respond to their sins also. On this hour, our heavenly Father
determined to forgive the sins of Israel but not of the
Egyptians, since "they had not honored his name as Moses
honored it when he first heard it from his lips within the
midst of the fire, on the mountaintop of Sinai." Then, our
heavenly Father began to move against the enemies of the
Hebrews with his mighty angels to honor his word, according
to what he had promised to Moses and the Israelis; "our
heavenly Father was angry with the rebellion of the Egyptians
against the word of his Son in the burning bush," his only
true King Messiah!

Moreover, since the Pharaoh was not willing to believe the
word of God, through the mouth of Moses or Aaron, then he
began to perform great wonders, miracles and signs in the
heavens and on earth, so the Egyptians may believe that he
meant business, "he needed it to put his people in the land
of Israel almost immediately." So the Son of David would
manifest to them and thus save them eternally from the power
of the darkness from Egypt and from the death of their sins
in hell, for example; our heavenly Father wanted to wash them
clean from their sins at the earliest with milk and honey,
the sacrificed blood, "but only in the Promised Land."

In addition, this was something powerful and from heaven as
well that, our heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit could not
do in Egypt with his tree of life, in the desert or in any
other place on earth, "but only in the land of Canaan, the
present Israel." For it was in the land of Canaan, where the
tree of life would destroy sin and finally raised by the
hands of sinners to the highest heavens of the earth and to
the Kingdom of God, and this is to the place "where our God
created them in his hands, in his image and in according to
his likeness."

Because, our heavenly Father was now ready with his Holy
Spirit and his tree of life, our Lord Jesus Christ, to begin
a brand-new era of life not only in Israel but also all over
the world and his Kingdom of hosts of angels as well.
Otherwise, the Hebrews will continue to live in the power of
the deep darkness of their eternal sin to not know their
heavenly Father, as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew him in
their hearts, "through the Spirit of the sacrificed blood of
the Lamb of God, the Son of David, since the foundation of
the heavens and the earth."

In other words, only Moses and probably Aaron too saw the
King Messiah, as the tree of life, the Lamb of God, face-to-
face, just as Jesus Christ, the Son of David, our heavenly
Father, his holy angels in heaven, and the apostles and the
disciples in Israel "know him," since the days of old to this
very day, for example. Thus, the Israelis needed to see their
savior eyeball-to-eyeball, but this was not going to happen
in Egypt, as it happened with Moses at the mountaintop of
Sinai, "but only in the land of Canaan."

Nevertheless, it was going to be in the Promised Land of
Canaan, promised by word of mouth in the ancient days and
only to the patriarchs of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
for example, so they may fill the earth with his words and
his holy name of eternal blessings and the salvation of the
souls of human kind. For this is the land that our heavenly
Father "preferred to shed the sacrificed blood of the Son of
David, his only begotten Son," through the virgin birth of
the daughter of David, and nailed him to the hands and feet
of Adam and Eve, so they may not walk away from him ever
again on earth nor in paradise.

Our heavenly Father wanted to make sure this time that no
man, beginning with Adam, would ever walk away from him and
his everlasting holy life of the Kingdom of heaven; and this
was something that our heavenly Father was going to do "only
by the powers of the Spirit of the sacrificed blood and life
of his dear Son." This is why the Son of David is so
important in the heart of every man, woman and child in
Israel and in all the families of the nations of the entire
earth, "just as he was important and his atoning blood in the
doorpost of their homes, so they may escape the angel of
death for ever and ever."

And the night that our heavenly Father took Israel out of
Egypt, he made the Egyptians to give them gold, silver and
clothing, for they were going to go through a very long
journey for tree days, "thus to enter the Promised Land of
the King Messiah, the Son of David," so they may see their
God at last personally. Our heavenly Father felt very excited
with the Hebrews, "he just needed them to obey him and his
King Messiah" that was going to take them to the Promised
Land of Canaan, where they would learn to live with him but
only through the wonderful working everlasting-powers of the
Spirit of his atoning blood, the sacrificed blood of the

Then, walking Moses with the Hebrews to the desert, they
found themselves trapped, with nowhere to go but only back to
Egypt or drown in the Red Sea to never see the Promised Land,
thus "to escape the certain destruction and death from the
angel of death and Satan" (Satan that hates them just as he
hates their heavenly Messiah). In these desperate moments for
Moses and the Hebrew nation, Satan had his moments of joy all
again, as usual. There again, the Israelis began to complain
to Moses, and said to him, there were not enough graves in
Egypt that you had to bring us to this place, to die a
terrible death, what are you doing with us Moses?

Without further ado, Moses said to the Hebrews, do not be
afraid, just believe in your God and savior, and "you will
see what he is about to do for you against your enemies."
Then Moses called out to the heavenly Father, just as he had
done it in Egypt, so he may begin to do wonders and miracles
for the Hebrews, so they may know that he is still with them
"on that crucial hour of their lives between going back to
Egypt or dying beneath the violent waters of the Red Sea."

The mighty power of our heavenly Father manifested to them
one more time, in the precious and glorious power of the
sacrificed blood of his Lamb, his Son, the Son of David; our
King Messiah was going to be a powerful light in the darkness
of the eyes and hearts of the Hebrews. Then our heavenly
Father said to Moses, why are you crying out to me, don't you
have the power of the blood of the Lamb, the King Messiah,
that I gave you before in Egypt to perform miracles and great
wonder in your favor and for your people?

Remember how the power of darkness began to summit themselves
to you; remember also how you began to feel free for the
first time in your life and the Egyptians gave you all you
needed from them before you left their land. Just then, Moses
realized that he still had the unction of the power of the
sacrificed blood of the Lamb of God in him, so he may
continue to do wonders for the Hebrews, just as before in the
land of Egypt; here "Moses realized also that the Spirit of
the supernatural blessing of the sacrificed blood is

Then, our heavenly Father caused that a wall of darkness
would divide the Egyptians' army and the squadrons of the
Hebrews, thus they could not see each other; indeed, there
was darkness in the side of the Egyptian, while there was
messianic-light on the side of the Hebrews, so "they may
continue freely on their way to cross the sea." Then God told
Moses, lift your hands towards the sea and the waters will
divide in two places, so the dry ground would show and the
people may begin to cross to the other side.

At this moment, the Hebrews could see the Egyptians, but the
Egyptians could not see them at all, because of the deep
darkness that had fallen before them, so to blind them for
while, "just enough time for the Hebrews to begin to cross
the sea and enter into the desert," according to God's will.
And then, God said to Moses, before the Hebrews crossed to
the other side of the sea, the Egyptians will try to catch up
with you, but before they do that, "I will bring the waters
together again," so they may drown, and I will glorify myself
in them forever and ever.

Next, the Hebrews did not finish crossing the dried bottom of
the sea, when the Egyptians try to overtake them, then God
told Moses, lift your hands towards the waters, and I will
bring the waters back to their normal state, thus "the
Egyptians and their horses may drown beneath the waters and
you will never see them again." As soon the Hebrews crossed
the sea, then Moses lifted his hands towards the waters, and
then the Egyptians and their best weapons of war rested at
the bottom of the sea to never offend the Hebrews to this
day, on this day, "our heavenly Father glorified his holy
name over them, according to the words he told Moses."

On this victorious day for the Hebrews, then they sang a new
song with Miriam the prophetess that says: "The Lord God has
crowned himself with glory and triumph, by throwing the
Egyptians and its horses into the waters of the Red Sea."
Later, after singing this song before the Lord God for almost
all day, then they began to walk deep into the desert towards
the Promised Land, they could only see sand and sun all over
the place, no trees, plants or any animals much less water
anywhere on sight; the "Hebrews began to get thirsty-dried,
in this barren place.

Walking for tree days, without a drink of water and under a
very powerful sun over their heads, then the Hebrews reached
the waters of Mara. They were very happy to see the waters
and their worn-out animals as well, but much to their
astonishment, the water was undrinkable; even their animals
walked away from it, because of the tastelessness. The waters
of this place were bitter and undrinkable, even if they would
try to boil the water and sweeten it with honey, it would
continue to be bitter nonetheless; anyone that would try to
drink from it, "it would feel even thirstier than before and
probably die on-the-spot too."

The people complained before Moses, because of the bitter
waters and even the animals as well refused to drink from it
by walking away from it or lying down on the ground because
of their sun-overheat. So here, the Hebrews, in great pain
and with their throats dried, began to complain to Moses as
never before that, indeed, he became frightened also by their
words, and they said to him, "you have brought us to this
place," where there is no drinkable water for us, we are
going to die of thirst in this desert.

No body can survive in this hot hell desolate-land without
water even our animal thirst too, we are dying slowly
already; we are going to die any moment now and "become
another pile of sand in this desert in no time," and you know
it Moses! Therefore, Moses again looked up to heaven and
began to call on the Lord God, in the name he had given him,
I am that I am, and he answered his call at once. There "our
heavenly Father showed him a tree", or pieces of wood, in a
vast desert full of sun and sand and with no life on sight at
all, but there was the tree of God, shining and hot as a
result of the intense blazing heat of the desert's sun.

This was a tree just as the one that Moses had seeing upon
the mountaintop of Sinai, engulf on fire for everyone to see
it from all the corners of the earth and even in heaven as
well by the angels and the families already living in
paradise, for example. The only difference here was that the
sun and its fire were shining from heaven above and over the
heads of the Hebrews in the desert, but it was still the same
tree of God, "full of the power of blessing and salvation
from heaven above to grant them what they needed" on that
hour: water and life!

Then, our heavenly Father showed Moses the tree burning by
the fire of the sun of the desert, and he told him "to throw
it into the body of bitter waters." Next, as soon Moses threw
the tree in the body of bitter waters, meaning the bitter
Hebrews and the bitter nations of the entire human race, then
the waters became sweet, "so sweet as milk and honey from
heaven to drink," this was the taste of the fruit of life,
but not the fruit of life itself to eat yet.

Thereafter, the Hebrews became very happy now, their thirst
disappeared and now they could understand a bit more who
their God was, and whom their Messiah was for them in the
lifeless desert of Egypt and in the rest of the entire world
as well. This tree of life, that sweetened the body of bitter
waters of Mara in the desert, "was the King Messiah, our Lord
Jesus Christ, the Son of David" for the Hebrews and for the
nations of the world, so they may drink from the waters of
tree of life by faith, thus to never thirst again forevermore
in eternity.

To this day, the Hebrews had eaten from the flesh of the King
Messiah, the tree of life, "by eating the meat of the
sacrifice lamb back in Egypt," so they could sprinkle its
blood on the doorposts of their homes so their sins would not
kill them and be free to go on their way to the Promised
Land. In addition, the Hebrews had taken from the bitter
waters of Mara, as if they were milk and honey from heaven
and from the tree of life, because "God showed Moses the tree
that he should throw into the bitter waters, so they may
become sweet as milk and honey to drink."

Little by little, our heavenly Father was filling the hearts,
minds and souls of the Hebrews "with the body, life, spirit
and sweetness of the King Messiah, the Son of David," our
Lord Jesus Christ! On this day, our heavenly Father told the
Hebrews, I am the Lord your God, and if you listen and do
what I consider to be right, and thus listen to follow all my
law and my commandments, then "I will not bring upon you any
of the infirmities that I brought upon the Egyptians."

For "I am the Lord your God that gives you health and takes
care of you" all the days of your life and until the end of
time on earth and in the next Kingdom to come from above
forever and ever. Then the Hebrews accepted the words of the
Lord God, as a new commandment, and agreed to obey it and
thus obey the everlasting faith on the King Messiah as well
all the days of their lives and forevermore in the Brand-new
Jerusalem from heaven. Seriously, the Hebrews agreed to
follow and obey all the days of their lives the King Messiah,
the Son of David, even though he was not born yet, "but he
was with them in his Spirit to fulfill the will of God," thus
to set them free from the power of their enemies and
introduce them into the Promised Land.

That's why, the Hebrews agreed to never sin against him nor
against his holy one, the King Messiah, The Son of David,
that had brought them out from their bondage in Egypt and
into the desert to drink the sweetened bitter waters,
"sweetened miraculously with the tree of life from his holy
Kingdom," for example. Here, in Mara the Hebrews understood
that they had taken bitter waters, sweetened by the same tree
of life that had spoken to Moses on the mountaintop of Sinai
thus to follow and obey his laws and commandments, and "to
never anger him again," as they did it previously many times
against him and Moses in Egypt.

Also, the Hebrews understood that by drinking the sweetened
bitter waters of Mara by the tree of God, then "God himself
eternally nailed them to the King Messiah" to follow and obey
him all the way through the desert and until they may enter
into Canaan, The Brand-new heavenly Jerusalem, where the
curse of the desert does not exist anymore. Then, the same
tree that had manifested itself to Moses over the mountaintop
of Sinai, now, had not only sweetened the bitter waters of
Mara in the desert for them to drink, but also by drinking
from it, "they had truly drink out from their King Messiah,
as saying that they were now part of the tree of life

Just as Adam and Eve, as dead trees crossed to each other
over the holy mount of Jerusalem, in Israel, to receive with
nails and blood the body, life, spirit and eternal blessing
of salvation of a brand-new life from the Son of David, the
King Messiah, for Israel and for the nations of the entire
world as well, forevermore. Then, they walked farther and
entered into Elim: here the Hebrews set around twelve
fountains of water surrounded by seventy palm trees. The
twelve bodies of waters "were the twelve apostles" and the
surrounding seventy palm trees "were the seventy descendants
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" that had descended to Egypt to
become now a great nation of families, ready to enter the
Promised Land and give birth to the King Messiah, the Son of
David in the day of the Lord.

Then again, they resumed their journey farther into the
desert, with the bags of water full from the sweetened bitter
waters by the tree of life from Mara, after walking for a few
days, the waters' bags empty, now they were very thirsty
again, and they could plainly see the sun and its certain
death as never before. Thus, they began to complain to Moses
one more time just as before, bitter to be in the desert and
away from Egypt, "forgetting like this all what the Lord God
had done for them" in Egypt, at the Red Sea and at Mara as
well with its sweetened bitter waters by the tree of life,
for example.

Now, the Hebrews could not see not even bitter waters of any
kind anywhere in all their surroundings, they were willing to
drink bitter waters this time, "if they could get to them as
in Mara," but they could only see just the bright hot sun and
hills of sands far and wide in the desert as never before. No
plants, no trees, no animals of any kind, and then they
sensed and felt the spirit death everywhere, God and Moses
were far away from them, "even though they were next to
them," and so they look over and over at the same hot bright
sun and the hills of sand bigger than ever before all around

They began to wonder, how could we get a drop of water in
this hell desert? We are dead, dead as the lifeless sand all
around us! Then God told Moses, tell the people to keep on
walking towards that rock by Mount Sinai that you can see
farther ahead of you, "I will be there waiting for you and
your people with your herds." There, I will give you water
from the brand-new heavenly Jerusalem, then you and your
herds will drink from its rock."

Thus, you will strike the rock with the same shepherd's staff
as you hit the Nile in Egypt to turn it into blood, so the
Egyptians could not drink from its waters nor use it for
anything because of their unbelief against the blood of the
Lamb, "but this time the rock will give water nonetheless in
abundance to drink." Therefore, you must strike it once when
you get there, for "I will be there for you as I was with you
in Egypt and in all of its places," for water to come out
from it, for you to drink and for your people and your
animals as well.

As far as here, our heavenly Father had set the Hebrews free
from Egypt, separated them completely from the Egyptians by
dividing the Red Sea into dry ground so they may cross and
escape their enemies through the desert, gave them sweetened
bitter waters by the tree to drink from Mara and gave them
water from the rock at Sinai. And at Sinai, our heavenly
Father gave Moses and Aaron the two tablets of the
Commandments, this is the Holy Spirit of the law to not only
enter into the hearts of the Hebrews, "but it was also to
enter into the virgin daughter of King David, from the tribe
of Judah, so the Messiah would be born sinless." In truth,
the Holy Spirit of The Ten Commandments gave Israel and the
world the Savior, in his flesh, bone, blood and eternal holy
life to fulfill the law and finally lay down his life for the
atoning of sin and the never-ending blessings of health,
prosperity, power and the eternal life of the Brand-new
heavenly Jerusalem from God.

Actually, our heavenly Father gave the Hebrews their fill to
continue their way through the desert: "sweetened bitter
water by the tree and water from the rock, and the Holy
Spirit of the law of the life of the Messiah," so they may
enter triumphantly into Canaan with the tree of life in their
hearts and the eternal rock likewise. Because, these were the
tree, the rock and the Spirit from where "they would lift up
the King Messiah nailed to the crossed trees of Adam and Eve
on top of the eternal rock outside Jerusalem", to destroy sin
and begin the new life in heaven for our heavenly Father and
his entire human race as well.

So, this is to say that the Hebrews began to cross the desert
to get to the Promised Land, already crucified and united to
the body of the King Messiah in the Egyptian desert, thus to
finally enter soon not only to Canaan "but also into the
brand-new heavenly Jerusalem, where peace and the eternal
glory of the Messiah abound." That is, that "the Hebrews
carried with them" the tree of life, the eternal rock and the
Spirit of the life of the King Messiah with each one of them
and even their sons and daughters, as well, "through the
desert for forty-years to finally introduce them into Israel,
for the Messiah to be received by them extraordinarily."

They only needed now that the daughter of David to be born
not in the desert but in the new land of Israel, so the
Spirit of the Ten Commandments from Sinai may enter into her.
Therefore, give them, without delay, "the flesh, bones, blood
and the life of the living King Messiah, the Son of David,"
so they may sacrifice him before God to atone for their sins
and the sins of the entire world as well, with the tree from
Mara, with the rock and with the Spirit of the law from

Now, already in the Promised Land, the Son of David
manifested himself to them "as the Lamb of God that takes
away the sin of the world," the high priest, the mediator
between God and man, Emmanuel, the Son of man, the Son of
God, the Strong Father, the King Messiah for Israel and the
nations of the entire world. Then, the only thing left to do
is act in faith, believe in him and thus believe in the
heavenly Father without human intervention for all his work
that he has done for each one of us, through the amazing work
of his Holy Spirit, since the days of old to this very day,
for example, and be saved eternally.


Then, the Son of David called out to the peoples of Israel,
Jews and gentiles alike, and he said to them, "When a man
believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the
one who sent me. When he looks at me, in truth, he sees the
one who sent me, the heavenly Father. For the Father and I
are one. I have come out from the Father to meet you today,
that is why I know him and he knows me very well. In fact, I
have come into the world as a light, so that no one who
believes in me should stay in darkness, but be transferred to
the light more shining than the sun and the stars of the

Moreover, this holy place in heaven, for all angels and as
well for every man, woman and child, is the epicenter of
paradise, the tree of life, our Lord Jesus Christ! For he who
sees me then sees the light that shines in the life of the
heavenly Father, of his Holy Spirit and of his holy angels,
as well; indeed, I am the only true light that the heavenly
Father knows and his holy angels in heavens, since the days
of old to this very day, Jesus Christ assured them.

For all practicable purposes, there is no greater light than
the Son of God, the King Messiah, and "he is here with us
faithfully today," the Son of David from the tribe of Judah
in Israel and in heaven for angels and men to shine before
God and his holy angels forever and ever. Now, if there is a
greater light in the Kingdom of God to shine in the life of
Israel and in the life of every nation of the world, then
"our heavenly Father would have sent it to the world
already," but there is no greater light than the tree of life
for all creation, the Son of David!

What is more, it was in this light that the first man from
humankind, Adam and every one of his descendants, became a
living being to bear forever and ever the image and the
likeness from our heavenly Father, and without this light,
the heavenly Father could not create anything in heaven nor
on earth. This means that each one of us, from every man,
woman and child from all the races, families, towns, cities,
lineage, tribes and kingdoms of the world "has come out from
the light of the heavenly Father and from his dear Son, our
Lord Jesus Christ," so his Holy Spirit may shine and dwell in
us eternally.

To day, if our Father and his Son is in us, then the Holy
Spirit fills us to shine forevermore greater than the angels
in heaven, for example; this is why "the Spirit of the Son of
David is so vital in our lives nowadays" and for ever and
ever in paradise, as well. Thus, to perform the wonderful and
glorious marvelous miracles and great signs from heaven and
earth for the glory and honor of his holy name, so the
peoples of the entire would may not live deceived in the deep
darkness of the spirit of error and lies of Satan and of his
fallen angels, "but only in his everlasting truth."

And this is the light of the truth that saves even the world
and its nations today, his Son, our King Messiah, and his
wonderful glorious work on earth, the one he performed with
his own blood upon the holy mountaintop of Jerusalem; "this
is the holy sacrificed blood that Satan intended to stop from
entering into Adam and Israel." Can you see that now, how
wicked is the spirit of Satan to God and his creation? Satan
did not stop in the Kingdom of God from manifesting his lies
and evils against the tree of life to make angels fall into
sin, but also to Adam and Eve in paradise and today with
every man, woman and child from all the families of the
nations of the world, so "they may not believe in Jesus
Christ ever."

Because, Satan knows very well that "if they do believe in
Jesus Christ as the Son of God, then they would automatically
believe in our heavenly Father," so their sins may fade away
and their hearts, souls and bodies heal from all ailments
from Satan and his fallen angels, for example. Further, this
is the most powerful truth that has descended from heaven
that has wrestle against Satan and his powerful deep darkness
from the world of the dead, so "it may enter into the life of
humanity to stay forever and ever," for the eternal
glorification of our heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit, the
eternal law of life.

Thus, to end sin and its darkness and fill the lives of the
people of the world with his own light, just as it is in the
highest heaven with the heavenly Father and his host of holy
angels; "this is the only true light that outshines the souls
of men from darkness to the outmost heavenly holiness."
Because, the will of our heavenly Father is to establish his
Son not only as the King Messiah for Israel and as the
peoples of the nations of the world, but also "he needs to
establish his holy temple and his tree of life in Israel, as
well," so people may live to know only the light of his

In truth, this is the light that truly blesses the heart and
life of every man, woman and child from all the families of
the nations of the world since the days of the Hebrews in the
land of Egypt to this very day and well into eternity as
well. Therefore, this truth is the one that our heavenly
Father needs people to know today, just as the angels from
heaven know it inside out in their hearts, "that Jesus Christ
is his beloved Son," so they may serve him and his holy name
faithfully always, in the everlasting power and love of his
Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus Christ!

For there are no greater truth and glory for the heart of
mankind, "but to know eternally that the Lord Jesus Christ is
the Son of David," the mediator between God and men, the Lamb
of God, the high priest, Emmanuel, the Strong Father and the
only possible King Messiah for Israel and the nations of the
entire world. This is why our heavenly Father sent his loved
Son to Israel, not only to fulfill his promise of blessings
and salvation to Israel and the people of old, but also for
Israel to know him from head to toe "as their only King
Messiah possible for the salvation of their eternal living
souls," on earth and in paradise forever.

For there is no forgiveness of sin possible for the life of
men "without the sacrificed blood of the Son of David" living
inside them in paradise, in Israel, in all the nations of the
world and back again to heaven, but this time to "the
Celestial Jerusalem from the tree of life," our Lord Jesus
Christ! This is the truth, do not doubt it ever; our Jesus
Christ is our tree of life and health on this hour, not only
for Adam and Eve in paradise "but for everyone from the
families" of the nations; presently, without Jesus Christ
within our lives, neither we can survive in paradise, nor on
earth "much less in the desert."

This is why you need to begin to do your prayers to our
heavenly Father "but only in the name of his dearly beloved
Son, the Son of David, our Lord Jesus Christ," so he may
begin to forgive your sins and bless you daily and until the
end of times in the new Kingdom to come from heaven.
Moreover, as our heavenly Father begins to bless you in the
name of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, then "you will never
be the same person again on earth," because the deep darkness
from Satan and from his eternal lies will abandon you with
their wicked spirit or fallen angels never to bother you
again, forever and ever.

This means that you are now, "literately filled with the
light of the tree of life," just as our heavenly Father
wanted Adam filled with the light from the tree of life, his
Son Jesus Christ, meaning "that there will be no darkness
within you forevermore but only light." Further, if you
become a light before our heavenly Father, then this means
that you have ceased to be the son from the darkness and now
you are the son from the light, "just as his dear Son Jesus
Christ is the light of the angels and the light of humankind,
as well," all over the world today, for example.

This also means that you are living in victory "and Satan
will never be able to defeat you again," as when you were
full of his spirit of error and darkness, you are now,
indeed, a son or a daughter for our heavenly Father, "just as
Jesus Christ is his Son," since the beginning of eternity to
this very day. Therefore, our heavenly Father and, as well,
his holy angels are very happy with you today, "because now
Jesus Christ lives within you heart" to please forever and
ever all justice, all truth, all righteousness and all
holiness on earth and in heaven; thus salvation is with you
to stay today and well into all eternity as well.

Now, you can really begin to know our heavenly Father; just
as his Son Jesus Christ knows him in the heavens, since the
days of eternity to this very hour of our life on earth, for
example. Moreover, since the people of Israel always wanted
to see the heavenly Father face to face, then Jesus Christ
told them openly by assuring them that the man that believes
in him, in truth, "believes the one who sent him to Israel to
fulfill his promise of blessings and eternal salvation from
sin to them and the entire world."

Then, Jesus Christ told them directly, without hesitating in
any of his words, and said to them: "The man that sees me,
does not only see me but also the heavenly Father, for he is
the one that sent the prophets to Israel and finally his Son
on these days to complete his will, according to his eternal
heart's desire." Therefore, on this day, the collective
desires of the hearts from the people of Israel and from the
nations of the world, as well, to believe in the heavenly
Father and see him eyeball to eyeball, indeed, "it was
fulfilled for the glory and honor of his wonderful working
miracle name, when they saw Jesus Christ before them in

This means that the apostles, the disciples and all the
people of Israel, in those days, such as Hebrews and Gentiles
alike, saw the Son of David, "just as Moses saw him for the
first time in the midst of the burning bush on Mount Sinai."
Later, "Moses continued to see the Son of David in the Most
Holy Place of the Holies" in the tabernacle of Israel and of
the King Messiah in the Egyptian desert, while they were
heading towards into the Promise Land of Israel, for example.

Moreover, the King Messiah was with Moses and as well with
the Hebrews from the start, from the burning bush of Mount
Sinai and through the Egyptian desert to arrive finally into
the land of milk and honey, Israel, the eternal land of the
sacrificed blood of the Son of David, our Lord Jesus Christ!
However, this is something that we can very well verify at
this moment by reading the following scriptural passage, for
example, exodus 23: 20, when our heavenly Father said to
Moses and the Hebrews:

I am sending to you my Holy Angel. You must listen to him.
Where? This will be at the Most Holy Place of the Holies of
the tabernacle of Israel. Here he will speak to you, and you
must listen and obey his word. He will be with you all the
time. You must listen to his instructions for he is my
representative, and "he-bears my holy name within him," so be
careful how you speak and treat him. "He will not put up with
you and your sins."

In truth, the Son of David will not forgive your sins but he
will punish you "wherever and whenever you sin and rebel
against him." He will show you no mercy at all but he will
abandon you with your lies and rebellions. However, if you
obey him, he will lead you to your enemies and, engage them
in battle "so you may be victorious over them, and possess
their lands." He will be an enemy to your enemies forever.

The King Messiah will heal you and protect you. He will bless
you with food, water, and good health all the days of your
life and of your loved ones as well for many generations to
come into the future. The Son of David is your King Messiah
forever and ever in Israel and in the heavenly Jerusalem,
"where all the nations of humankind will dwell in the Spirit
of eternal love, peace, joy, happiness, health and
everlasting prosperity."

In actually, the Angel of the Lord God is the Son of David
eternally, no one is like him in all of Israel in the past,
today and in eternity, for "he bears my name from eternity to
eternity within his sanctified life," do not offend him ever
and you will never die but only know life and blessing
eternally. For this is our heavenly Father and his holy
miracle-working name, from where all the astonishing miracles
and great signs that Moses and Aaron performed before the
Egyptian Pharaoh and his people, so "to deliver you from the
power of your captors thus to go on your way through the
desert to the Promised Land."

And this Promised Land, is not only the present day Israel,
in the Middle East, but in truth "is the brand-new Jerusalem
from above," where the milk and honey from the tree of life,
our Lord Jesus Christ, the King Messiah for all times, lives,
thus blesses day-to-day all the peoples of the entire world
for the glory of God. Then, our Lord Jesus Christ told the
Hebrews openly, I am sent to Israel to be a light in the
darkness of every man, woman and child from all the families
and kingdoms of the earth, so God can save you for his brand-
new life of the New Jerusalem from above, "where sin and
Satan do not exist anymore forever."

This is to say that he that believes in me is not longer in
the darkness of his troubles, difficulties and deadly
infirmities of his heart, mind, soul and body on earth nor in
the world of the dead beyond, "but now he lives in the power
of the light of the tree of light," the Son of God! For he
that walks in the light of the Son of God, in truth, "is
walking in the light" of the heavenly Father, of his Holy
Spirit and of his hosts of holy angels from the Kingdom of

Therefore, this is a very holy life, "sanctified daily by the
wonderful working-miracle power of the Spirit of the
sacrificed blood of the King Messiah, the Son of David, our
Lord Jesus Christ," so the deep power from darkness will not
hinder the life of men from blessing by the heavenly Father
and of his Holy Spirit. Accordingly, today you can very well
know the heavenly Father within your heart and soul, "if you
only can make the Spirit of the Son of David, who is not only
the King Messiah for Israel and humankind but also bears
within his holy life the precious and glorious name from our
Father," the Creator of the heavens and earth!

This is to say that today, exodus 23: 20, continues to be
true in the life of Israel and of every man, woman and child
from all the families of the nations of the world, starting
with you also, so "he may be with each one of you today and
well into beyond eternity." He is the Angel of God. He is the
Holy Lamb of God that, with his sacrificed blood before the
foundation of the world, "has led the Hebrews out of Egypt
and through the hostile and barren desert of the nations to
live in the Promised Land of Canaan today."

He was the Angel of the Lord God that was to be born in
Israel through the virgin birth of one of the daughters of
King David, so with his life and sacrificed blood "not only
fulfill the Spirit of the Ten Commandments, but also clean
every heart and soul of man, woman and child from the power
of sin." He is the Angel of God that, in truth, according to
God's will, "was to be born in the Promised Land to be
forever and ever the King of the Hebrews."

For the King Messiah, he is a Holy Angel from our heavenly
Father (and not a mere sinful man), according to the plan of
salvation from our heavenly Father for Israel and for all the
families of the nations of the entire world, on this day and
forevermore in eternity. However, the Angel of the Lord is
not any other angel from heaven. He is the only begotten of
God; thus, he is "the Son of God, the Son of David for the
house of Israel." What is more, the Son of David is also the
tree of life and health for angels and humans in paradise and
as well on earth and in the bran-new Kingdom to come into the
future today and forevermore, as well.

In truth, God did not create him by the power of his word, as
the other angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim and other
holy creatures of his holy Kingdom, for example, "but he has
existed always within our heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit
as well, since beyond the first days of eternity." He is from
everlasting to everlasting the same, he does not change, he
is the Son of David, the savior of humankind; he is today the
same Angel of the Lord God that Moses met face-to-face on the
mountaintop of Sinai. He is the one that "spoke to Moses and
the high priests of Israel face-to-face almost every day of
their lives from within The Most Holiest place from the
Holies" from the tabernacle of Israel in the desert thus to
conduct and govern the Hebrews according to the Lord's

Greatly, the Angel of God, the Son of David, "is with you
today as he was with Moses and the Hebrews in the ancient
days" to escape Egypt, cross the Red Sea, and continue
through the desert of the nations of the world until you may
enter, with his help as always, safe and secure, into the
brand-new heavenly Jerusalem. Graciously, the Messiah is with
you at this minute, only "if you are willing to believe in
the heavenly Father and everything he has done for your well-
being on earth and in the new-world to come," such as the
brand-new Celestial Jerusalem, "where all is love, glory and
peace for ever and ever for you and your loved ones, also."

The Son of David will be an enemy to your enemies. He will
oppose those that oppose you. He will fight your enemies
until he personally defeats them eternally before you and
before your loved ones also. "He will bless your food, water
and give you good health all the days of your life until the
end of time." Thus, "he is your resurrection before the
heavenly Father in the last day."

The King Messiah will make sure that you will never die but
taken up back into the holy land of paradise to live with
your heavenly Father as when you live with Adam and Eve and
their hosts of holy angels, for example "to eat and drink
from the tree of life and of good health eternally." "He will
never permit that any sickness, diseases or viruses would
invade your home or life." He will make sure that all evil
will remain clear off from your life.

Today and as always, nothing will ever harm you, for the
reason that he will remain faithful to you "even though you
are not faithful with him at times." He will always be
faithful to you, because that is his divine and spiritual
nature, "meaning that he will never deny himself to you," and
because for the everlasting love to his sacrificed holy blood
on top of the holy mountain of Jerusalem, for the end of sin
and darkness and the beginning of your brand-new life in him.

Thus, he will never allow you to worship any other God, other
than our heavenly Father only forever and ever. Moreover, he
will make sure that you will always obey and serve your only
God in the heaven and on earth, our heavenly Father, "for the
glory of his holy name that dwells within his holy heart,
blood and life for ever and ever." "He will make sure that
your sons and daughters are born without any curses, sickness
or deceases."

The Angel of the Lord will bless them just as he has blessed
you in the power of his holy sacrificed blood over the holy
mountaintop of Jerusalem, so they will never lack any of his
good blessings in all the days of their lives. He will make
sure that they will always succeed in life, not matter what
they may do in life as a way of living. "He will be with each
one of them as he was with Moses, for example," so they may
speak to him face-to-face, for he said, the man that sees me,
does not really see me only but the one who sent me, our
heavenly Father!

Thus, whoever receives me, in truth, receives him that sent
the prophets to Israel one after the other and in these days
he has sent his Holy Angel, the Angel of the Lord God, the
King Messiah and only possible Son of God and savior of
Israel and of your life on this day and forevermore in
eternity. Yes, you see Jesus Christ then you can really see
our heavenly Father and his glorious life of the brand-new
Kingdom from heaven, the Everlasting Celestial Jerusalem of
our heavenly Father from heaven above.

El amor (Espíritu Santo) de nuestro Padre celestial y de su
Jesucristo es contigo.

¡Cultura y paz para todos, hoy y siempre!

Dígale al Señor, nuestro Padre celestial, de todo corazón, en
el nombre del Señor Jesucristo: Nuestras almas te aman,
Señor. Nuestras almas te adoran, Padre nuestro. Nuestras
almas te rinden gloria y honra a tu nombre y obra santa y
sobrenatural, en la tierra y en el cielo, también, para
siempre, Padre celestial, en el nombre de tu Hijo amado,
nuestro Señor Jesucristo.

LAS MALDICIONES BIBLICAS, para los que obran maldad día y
noche, (Deuteronomio 27: 15-26):

"'¡Maldito el hombre que haga un ídolo tallado o una imagen
de fundición, obra de mano de tallador (lo cual es
transgresión a la Ley perfecta de nuestro Padre celestial), y
la tenga en un lugar secreto!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡

"'¡Maldito el que le reste importancia a su padre o a su
madre!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que cambie de lugar los limites de propiedad
de su prójimo!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que desvié al ciego de su camino!' Y todo el
pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que falsee el derecho del extranjero, del
huérfano y de la viuda!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que se acueste con la mujer de su padre,
porque descubre la desnudes de su padre!' Y todo el pueblo
dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que tenga contacto sexual con cualquier
animal!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que se acueste con su hermana, hija de su
padre o hija de su madre!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que se acueste con su suegra!' Y todo el
pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que a escondidas y a traición hiera de muerte
a su semejante, sin causa alguna!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡

"'¡Maldito el que acepte soborno para matar a un inocente,
sin causa alguna!' Y todo el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'

"'¡Maldito el que no cumpla las palabras de esta ley,
poniéndolas por obra en su diario vivir en la tierra!' Y todo
el pueblo dirá: '¡Amén!'


Es por eso que los ídolos han sido desde siempre: un tropiezo
a la verdad y al poder de Dios en tu vida. Un tropiezo
eterno, para que la omnipotencia de Dios no obre en tu vida,
de acuerdo a la voluntad perfecta del Padre celestial y de su
Espíritu Eterno. Pero todo esto tiene un fin en tu vida, en
ésta misma hora crucial de tu vida. Has de pensar quizá que
el fin de todos los males de los ídolos termine, cuando
llegues al fin de tus días. Pero esto no es verdad. Los
ídolos con sus espíritus inmundos te seguirán atormentando
día y noche entre las llamas ardientes del fuego del
infierno, por haber desobedecido a la Ley viviente de Dios.
En verdad, el fin de todos estos males está aquí contigo, en
el día de hoy. Y éste es el Señor Jesucristo. Cree en Él, en
espíritu y en verdad. Usando siempre tu fe en Él, escaparas
los males, enfermedades y los tormentos eternos de la
presencia terrible de los ídolos y de sus huestes de
espíritus infernales en tu vida y en la vida de cada uno de
los tuyos también, para la eternidad del nuevo reino de Dios.
Porque en el reino de Dios su Ley santa es de día en día
honrada y exaltada en gran manera, por todas las huestes de
sus ángeles santos. Y tú con los tuyos, mi estimado hermano,
mi estimada hermana, has sido creado para honrar y exaltar
cada letra, cada palabra, cada oración, cada tilde, cada
categoría de bendición terrenal y celestial, cada honor, cada
dignidad, cada señorío, cada majestad, cada poder, cada
decoro, y cada vida humana y celestial con todas de sus
muchas y ricas bendiciones de la tierra, del día de hoy y de
la tierra santa del más allá, también, en el reino de Dios y
de su Hijo amado, ¡el Señor Jesucristo!, ¡El Todopoderoso de
Israel y de las naciones!


Esta es la única ley santa de Dios y del Señor Jesucristo en
tu corazón, para bendecirte, para darte vida y vida en
abundancia, en la tierra y en el cielo para siempre. Y te ha
venido diciendo así, desde los días de la antigüedad, desde
los lugares muy altos y santos del reino de los cielos:

PRIMER MANDAMIENTO: "No tendrás otros dioses delante de mí".

SEGUNO MANDAMIENTO: "No te harás imagen, ni ninguna semejanza
de lo que esté arriba en el cielo, ni abajo en la tierra, ni
en las aguas debajo de la tierra. No te inclinarás ante ellas
ni les rendirás culto, porque yo soy Jehová tu Dios, un Dios
celoso que castigo la maldad de los padres sobre los hijos,
sobre la tercera y sobre la cuarta generación de los que me
aborrecen. Pero muestro misericordia por mil generaciones a
los que me aman y guardan mis mandamientos".

TERCER MANDAMIENTO: "No tomarás en vano el nombre de Jehová
tu Dios, porque Él no dará por inocente al que tome su nombre
en vano".

CUARTO MANDAMIENTO: "Acuérdate del día del sábado para
santificarlo. Seis días trabajarás y harás toda tu obra, pero
el séptimo día será sábado para Jehová tu Dios. No harás en
ese día obra alguna, ni tú, ni tu hijo, ni tu hija, ni tu
siervo, ni tu sierva, ni tu animal, ni el forastero que está
dentro de tus puertas. Porque en seis días Jehová hizo los
cielos, la tierra y el mar, y todo lo que hay en ellos, y
reposó en el séptimo día. Por eso Jehová bendijo el día del
sábado y lo santificó".

QUINTO MANDAMIENTO: "Honra a tu padre y a tu madre, para que
tus días se prolonguen sobre la tierra que Jehová tu Dios te

SEXTO MANDAMIENTO: "No cometerás homicidio".

SEPTIMO MANDAMIENTO: "No cometerás adulterio".


NOVENO MANDAMIENTO: "No darás falso testimonio en contra de
tu prójimo".

DECIMO MANDAMIENTO: "No codiciarás la casa de tu prójimo; no
codiciarás la mujer de tu prójimo, ni su siervo, ni su
sierva, ni su buey, ni su asno, ni cosa alguna que sea de tu

Entrégale tu atención al Espíritu de Dios y déshazte de todos
estos males en tu hogar, en tu vida y en la vida de cada uno
de los tuyos, también. Hazlo así y sin mas demora alguna, por
amor a la Ley santa de Dios, en la vida de cada uno de los
tuyos. Porque ciertamente ellos desean ser libres de sus
ídolos y de sus imágenes de talla, aunque tú no lo veas así,
en ésta hora crucial para tu vida y la vida de los tuyos,
también. Y tú tienes el poder, para ayudarlos a ser libres de
todos estos males, de los cuales han llegado a ellos, desde
los días de la antigüedad, para seguir destruyendo sus vidas,
en el día de hoy. Y Dios no desea continuar viendo estos
males en sus vidas, sino que sólo Él desea ver vida y vida en
abundancia, en cada nación y en cada una de sus muchas
familias, por toda la tierra.

Esto es muy importante: Oremos junto, en el nombre del Señor
Jesucristo. Vamos todos a orar juntos, por unos momentos. Y
digamos juntos la siguiente oración de Jesucristo delante de
la presencia santa del Padre celestial, nuestro Dios y
salvador de todas nuestras almas:


Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos: santificada sea la
memoria de tu nombre que mora dentro de Jesucristo, tu hijo
amado. Venga tu reino, sea hecha tu voluntad, como en el
cielo así también en la tierra. El pan nuestro de cada día,
dánoslo hoy. Perdónanos nuestras deudas, como también
nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores. Y no nos metas en
tentación, mas líbranos del mal. Porque tuyo es el reino, el
poder y la gloria por todos los siglos. Amén.

Porque sí perdonáis a los hombres sus ofensas, vuestro Padre
celestial también os perdonará a vosotros. Pero si no
perdonáis a los hombres, tampoco vuestro Padre os perdonará
vuestras ofensas.

Por lo tanto, el Señor Jesús dijo, "Yo soy el CAMINO, y la
sino es POR MÍ". Juan 14:





- Reconoce que eres PECADOR en necesidad, de ser SALVO de
éste MUNDO y su MUERTE.

Dispónte a dejar el pecado (arrepiéntete):

Cree que Jesucristo murió por ti, fue sepultado y resucito al
tercer día por el Poder Sagrado del Espíritu Santo y deja que
entré en tu vida y sea tu ÚNICO SALVADOR Y SEÑOR EN TU VIDA.

Dios mío, soy un pecador y necesito tu perdón. Creo que
Jesucristo ha derramado su SANGRE PRECIOSA y ha muerto por mi
pecado. Estoy dispuesto a dejar mi pecado. Invito a Cristo a
venir a mi corazón y a mi vida, como mi SALVADOR.

¿Aceptaste a Jesús, como tu Salvador? ¿Sí _____? O ¿No

¿Fecha? ¿Sí ____? O ¿No _____?

Sí tu respuesta fue Sí, entonces esto es solo el principio de
una nueva maravillosa vida en Cristo. Ahora:

Lee la Biblia cada día para conocer mejor a Cristo. Habla con
Dios, orando todos los días en el nombre de JESÚS. Bautízate
en AGUA y en El ESPÍRITU SANTO DE DIOS, adora, reúnete y
sirve con otros cristianos en un Templo donde Cristo es
predicado y la Biblia es la suprema autoridad. Habla de
Cristo a los demás.

Recibe ayuda para crecer como un nuevo cristiano. Lee libros
cristianos que los hermanos Pentecostés o pastores del
evangelio de Jesús te recomienden leer y te ayuden a entender
más de Jesús y de su palabra sagrada, la Biblia. Libros
cristianos están disponibles en gran cantidad en diferentes
temas, en tu librería cristiana inmediata a tu barrio,
entonces visita a las librerías cristianas con frecuencia,
para ver que clase de libros están a tu disposición, para que
te ayuden a estudiar y entender las verdades de Dios.

Te doy las gracias por leer mí libro que he escrito para ti,
para que te goces en la verdad del Padre celestial y de su
Hijo amado y así comiences a crecer en Él, desde el día de
hoy y para siempre.

El salmo 122, en la Santa Biblia, nos llama a pedir por la
paz de Jerusalén día a día y sin cesar, en nuestras
oraciones. Porque ésta es la tierra, desde donde Dios lanzo
hacia todos los continentes de la tierra: todas nuestras
bendiciones y salvación eterna de nuestras almas vivientes. Y
nos dice Dios mismo, en su Espíritu Eterno: "Vivan tranquilos
los que te aman. Haya paz dentro de tus murallas y
tranquilidad en tus palacios, Jerusalén". Por causa de mis
hermanos y de mis amigos, diré yo: "Haya paz en ti, siempre
Jerusalén". Por causa de la casa de Jehová nuestro Dios, en
el cielo y en la tierra: imploraré por tu bien, por siempre.

El libro de los salmos 150, en la Santa Biblia, declara el
Espíritu de Dios a toda la humanidad, diciéndole y
asegurándole: - Qué todo lo que respira, alabe el nombre de
Jehová de los Ejércitos, ¡el Todopoderoso! Y esto es, de toda
letra, de toda palabra, de todo instrumento y de todo
corazón, con su voz tiene que rendirle el hombre: gloria y
loor al nombre santo de Dios, en la tierra y en las alturas,
como antes y como siempre, para la eternidad.

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