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1.0.1 checkins...

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Judson Valeski

May 29, 2002, 1:08:03 PM5/29/02
The MOZILLA_1_0_BRANCH will open today for 1.0.1 approved checkins. If
you have a bug that should be resolved in the 1.0.1 release, please
nominate that bug for inclusion by adding the "mozilla1.0.1" keyword,
and sending a request to The request to should include a brief description of the problem
being solved, the fix, and risk assessment of the patch.

If drivers agrees with your request, the "mozilla1.0.1+" keyword will be
added, and the specific patch that is requested to land on the branch
will be marked as approved. If drivers disagrees with your request, the
"mozilla1.0.1-" keyword will be added. If drivers blew it with a denial,
please re-nominate/request approval and point out the err in our ways.

1.0.1 is a dot release, so, we're not opening the floodgates to changes.
The MOZILLA_1_0_BRANCH is also being shared with Netscape for the 1.0.1
release, so, if you're a Netscape employee, you need to request checkin
approval to the branch via ADT as well.

Jud - on behalf of drivers

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