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Apr 29, 2022, 7:39:26 AM4/29/22
to NetLdn
Hi all

NetLdn30 came and went, and it was a great success! Thank you to everyone that attended or helped in some way, we hope that you enjoyed it. We also look forward to seeing you again at future events. If you couldn't make it, don't worry, we meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

== NetLdn31 ==

NetLdn31 will be on Thursday the 12th of May 2022. We're back to our old physical meet-up time of 7.00PM UTC+1 and the same old location:

Upstairs at The Wheatsheaf,
25 Rathbone Place,

Please register via EventBrite before attending (it's free, we just need to track the number of people attending):

We have two great talks lined up with some Q&A time after each talk, we'll also have a short break between talks. After the 2nd talk and Q&A, everyone is welcome to stay and socialise in the pub.

Talk 1: Prometheus for network user experience (and not only) monitoring

Quite a few times I’ve had to deal with requests stating that there is a network problem in a remote branch location, preventing office employees from doing their job, whereas monitoring systems were showing literally nothing unusual. In order to solve the problem I have built a monitoring system leveraging Prometheus to show user experience, which started my journey to start building my own exporters. I would like to share my experience to show network engineers where Prometheus could be helpful, what the challenges are, and how to overcome them.

Presenter: Anton Karneliuk

Talk 2: BGPsec in the context of routing system security

BGPsec enjoys global world domination. Or does it? No, it does not. At least not yet. Therefore this needs to be addressed.

BGPsec has been around in theory and on paper for a while. Not in practice and deployments, though. Some production scale and quality experimentation with BGPsec, performed over last two years within Equinix networks, has revealed quite a number of incorrect design time assumptions, outright wrong decisions made, lack of community understanding of how it could and should be used, and how can it fit into the overall routing security framework. One of the open gaps is the unawareness of the community, primarily operations community, of how BGPsec functions and how it should be deployed.

Presenter: Ignas Bagdonas

The first talk will begin at 7pm sharp so please turn up from 6.30pm onward to ensure a prompt start for the evening.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we will have the windows open so consider bringing a good jumper! Also please do not attend if you are showing signs of COVID19, we meet every month so there will be another chance for us to catch-up.

* If you're attending NetLdn please note that the venue is a pub which serves alcohol. There is no expectation that you must drink alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks are also available. If you're under 18 please let us know, we will need to inform the landlord. If you're crazy enough to drive in London, please drink responsibly. We're hoping you're a thirsty bunch so we can get the venue hire fee waived; for this reason, we ask that you don't bring your own drink to the venue.

== Participating and Contact ==

If you are attending any NetLdn event, physical or virtual, we expect that you have read and agree to the participation policy on the NetLdn website (, we want to keep NetLdn open, friendly, and safe for everyone. This also applies to all NetLdn interactions, for example the mailing list, and Slack space, not just the meetings.

If you want to submit a talk for a future event, any area of networking and any skill level is welcome. Please submit an CFP via the NetLdn website:

If you want to contact the NetLdn team about any issues, concerns or queries please do so via;
Twitter: @netldn

Many thanks and we hope to see you all soon,
The NetLdn Team.
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