Napalm integration with Palo Alto and Avaya and Netmiko

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Jun 2, 2021, 11:03:02 AMJun 2
to NetBox
I'm trying to get my head around integrating a few network devices, mainly some Palo Alto  and Juniper firewalls, Cisco Nexus switches, Avaya ERS and VSP switches.
Cisco Nexus and Juniper is easily done with native support directly from Napalm.
When it comes to Palo Alto, I see there's a napalm-panos driver. I've tried installing that but have not had any success. My guess is the driver is for Napalm 1 whereas Netbox uses Napalm 3 and there's a compatibility problem.

Other issue is integrating with Avaya. I have come across Netmiko which I understand allows SSH access Python and Netmiko supports Avara ERS and VSP switches.

What I'm unsure is if Netmiko can work with Napalm and Netbox.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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