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May 25, 2021, 5:30:10 AMMay 25
to NetBox
I now have Napalm working.
But I'm looking at adding support for Palo Alto. I have installed a driver, but now have the problem with Netbox not recognising the driver name - perhaps I have it wrong?

And I have a similar problem.

Interestingly, despite launching the virtual environmnent with the sudo -E suffix, it still complained about write permissions in /opt/netbox-2.11.3/venv/bin/pip so I ran the pip install with sudo. This installed, but you get the usual warning message saying running pip as root will break packages and permissions and I should install bu using the venv. I guess running the command as root effectively bypasses the venv as I was already in it when I ran it...

So the driver is installed, but as NetBox cannot find it, I don't know if it's because I'm using the wrong name - how can I find out the correct name? Or it's because it's installed in the wrong place.

Any suggestions?

May 25, 2021, 5:47:38 AMMay 25
to NetBox
After some more digging, and playing around, I think I now have it installed.
However, it's now complaining about a missing "napalm_base". I tried looking at installing that but it broke many things - I think napalm_base is version 1 instead of version 3?

I now must have the correct driver which NetBox can see, but I get the following error:

{"error": "No module names 'napalm_base'", "exception": "ModuleNotFoundError", "netbox_version". "2.11.3", "python_version": "3.85"}

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