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Sun blues.

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Dorothy Nelson

May 5, 1986, 4:35:42 PM5/5/86
This may have been brought up before, but if it has, PLEEZ refer me to the
article the solution is in.

Hokay. I have a Sun Version 2.0 workstation and this is what I want a tool to
1. Emulate a terminal when open.
2. When closed, have an icon that alters. (i.e. blinks)

So far, I can emulate the terminal (basically sun's "Shelltool") *alone*,
and I can make the icon blink *alone*. I cannot combine the two, and
though we have software support from Sun (EVry body chuckle) theyre NOT
very SUPPORTIVE. The person there even said they had a program that
did what I wanted to do, but they couldnt send it to me because of legal

I understand from talking to people that this is a Version 2.0 problem
and that version 3.0 has no such difficulties. Apparently, you have to
do lots of fancy foot work to overcome the problem. If any of you know,


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