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4.2BSD on HP workstation

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Arthur Goldberg

May 29, 1986, 2:15:26 PM5/29/86

I'm at UCLA and we would like to run 4.3 bsd on our hp 9000
workstations. Then we could attach them to the ethernet and use the
RFS to get network file transparency with our other 4.3 machines, I

I posted a message here a while ago asking whether anyone had ported
4.3 and nobody answered yes. If someone has (and would be so kind
and make their port available to us) then I would like to know about
it. My real question is - how much work would be involved in doing
the port? I persume some device drivers would have to be written
and/or modified. And the shell would have to be modified to use
windows, or it would be replaced by a window system. And what else?
If it isnt too much work Ill do it myself.

Thanks for your thoughts

Arthur Goldberg
3680-D Boelter Hall
UCLA Computer Science Department
LA, Ca. 90024
(213) 825-2864 / 820-6081

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