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Announcing X window system mailing lists.

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Jim Gettys

May 20, 1986, 10:31:31 PM5/20/86
I have now had substantial numbers of requests for a mailing list on X
window system related issues. I had hoped that people receiving X
distributions from MIT would be kind enough to give their electronic
mail addresses on the order form, but many did not, and the distribution
of X on the 4.3BSD tape will result in many more distributions of X over
the next few months that I will have no record of. This message
announces the establishment of two lists. If traffic justifies it,
these may become candidates for USENET distribution.

The first list is intended for general discussion on X, software
running under X, and the like.
XPERT-...@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (to be added or deleted from the list)

The second list is intended for discussion among people porting X and
client code to new displays, machine architectures, and operating
systems. It is not intended for "how do I resize a window" sorts of
questions, and I expect relatively few people will be interested in this
XPORT-...@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (to be added or deleted from the list)

Jim Gettys
Digital Equipment Corporation
MIT/Project Athena

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