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Future Macintosh Architecture Survey-- Please read!

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Mar 5, 1986, 2:48:26 AM3/5/86
I recently posted a rather detailed survey dealing with what features a future
Macintosh might have. This survey is in net.micro.mac. Since this survey is of
interest to people who do not own a Mac, but might buy one, I am posting an
abbreviated copy of the survey to all groups which would be interested. Please
distribute copies to people who might want to respond, and please take the time
to answer it yourself. The only way any company will build your dream machine
is if you tell them what you want. Apple will hear (though what they'll do is
anyone's guess...).

Survey follows-----


The Mac Expo has come and gone, and while the Mac Plus is a nice upgrade to the
current Mac, it's nothing like the machine I (or many other people) have hoped
for. I am creating this survey in the hope that if Apple has not finalized its
"TurboMac" (or "Open Mac", whatever), there may yet be some chance for us to
have some say in its design. At the very least, Apple will have some idea what
upgrades to build for THAT machine.

This survey is not addressed solely to Mac owners; If you own a Mac, I want to
hear from you, but if you don't, this is a good chance to tell the world why
you haven't bought a Mac yet, and what it would take to change your mind, so
for example:
1) Unix hackers would want an alternative (not "replacement") OS
2) Graphics people could ask for larger, High Resolution screens
3) etc... use your imagination!

After each question on the survey, I have given my own answer, as an example.
If you have a non-obvious reason for your non-obvious answer, please write it
in, don't just say "PAL compatible" (that one would take some explaining...)
In any event, don't flame me on the net; if you disagree, put it on the survey!

Please send all replies to ...ihnp4!physics!ccnysci!alexis
or USMail to:
Alexis Rosen
110 Riverside Drive
New York, N.Y. 10024
(212) 877-4854

A summary will be posted to the net, as well as to all the people in Apple who
might be interested in this...

Thanks for responding...

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A Survey on Possible Future Macintosh Architectures February 9, 1986

Section 1 -- The Hardware

1) What main processor chip should be used in the next Macintosh? If *NOT*
the 68020, why not? Would you be willing to pay for a machine that cost
$300 more than otherwise so as to have the 68020? If the 68000 or 68010 is
used, should the 68020 be available as an Apple-made upgrade?

2) What coprocessors, if any, should be supported? Should they come with the
machine? If none, why?

3) How much memory should be supported? How much standard?

4) What other special chips should be standard? Supported? Why?

5) In general, what kind of architecture (open, closed, in between) should the
new Mac have? If *NOT* open, why?

6) What I/O capabilities should be standard? Supported?

7) What peripherals should be standard? Supported? Should the monitor have the
same size as the current Mac? Why or why not?

7a) Does the Mac need Color? Why or why not? How should it be implemented?

8) Please list any other requirements/suggestions for Mac HARDWARE.

Section 2 -- The Software

1) Should the Mac support any other operating system? UNIX? MS-DOS? OS-9?
Any other? Why or why not?

2) Should any major changes be made in the Mac ROMs or System File? What?

3) What enhancements should be made to the current Finder?

4) How much concern should there be about compatibility with the old Mac?

5) Should the new Mac be packaged with software?

6) Any other comments about software? What would you like to see for the Mac?

7) Any last comments on Mac software?

------------------------------------Cut Here------------------------------------

Thanks for responding...

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