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Need Help With Sun Ethernet Problems

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William Howell

Jul 30, 1986, 6:14:19 PM7/30/86
We have a large number of Sun workstations configured into a
network of 7 file servers and approximately 50 diskless client
workstations. Since installing the machines we have experienced
a collection of what appears to be ethernet related problems or
at least that is what the error messages on the Suns lead you to
believe it is.

The original batch of machines were 2/170s with 2/50 clients
running UNIX 2.0. We have now added a 3/160 with some 3/75s
running UNIX 3.0. We have noted that the error messages are
much more common on the 3s than they are on the 2s.

The messages that we are receiving on the Suns (in no particular
order) are these: (Not all Suns produce all messages.)

ie0: Ethernet jammed
ie0: no carrier
ie0: iebark reset
ie: cmd not accepted
panic: iechkcca

We have VAXes, a DG, and Masscomps sharing this same ethernet and
none are complaining of any problem, only the Suns. Further, in
general, there is no apparent negative result to all of these
messages. They just show up for awhile then go away, although
crashes have been associated with some on occassion.

Sun has been unable to provide any information or analysis of what
might be causing these messages. Has anyone else experienced them?
Has anyone figured out what causes them?

Thanks in advance


William E. Howell
Director of Computer Services
US MAIL: University of North Carolina
New West Hall 035A
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
PHONE: 919-962-7103
USENET: decvax!mcnc!unc!howell
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