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Wanted: Info leading to the capture of a TEK 4100 emulator (IBMPC)

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Jerry Lotto

Apr 12, 1986, 11:57:34 AM4/12/86

A project of ours supports the TEK 4100 line of terminals.
Many people interested in using our program own IBM PCs and wish
to buy a graphics monitor/adapter/software combination that will
provide as full an emulation as possible. Other hardware is not
out of the question but the PCs are already in place and a solution
revolving about them is preferred. Please note this is NOT a request
for information on 4010 emulators. We know of many of these, some of
which are quite good. I will summarize for the net if the replies I
get are informative enough.



Gerald Lotto - Harvard Chemistry Dept.

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