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Ethernet and DEC's DELNI with non-DEC computers

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P. Allen Jensen

Feb 20, 1986, 3:34:44 PM2/20/86
We are about to try to connect :

1 Vax 11/780 - VMS
2 uVax II - VMS
1 Apollo DN660 (SYS V or Berk. 4.2 or DOMAIN/AEGIS)
1 Sun-3/160 - UNIX
2 Masscomp 5500 - UNIX

This is going to be done using ethernet. I have a couple of questions:

1. Is there a VMS product for running TCP/IP ?
2. Can all of these systems be used with a DELNI ?
(A DELNI is an "Ethernet-in-a-box", eg no cable or transceiver)
3. Should we even bother to try to get the VAX systems to talk
to the other systems with TCP/IP ?
4. Is there a better solution than TCP/IP for about the same cost ?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
"It's quite easy, if you don't know how.
That's the important bit. Be not at all
sure how you're doing it."
-Arthur Dent

P. Allen Jensen
Manager, Systems Division
GTICES Systems Laboratory
Department of Civil Engineering
Georgia Insitute of Technology
Atlanta Georgia, 30332-0355

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