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Bad Memory in Suns - Anyone Know?

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John Little

May 19, 1986, 6:01:39 AM5/19/86
In article <5...@unc.unc.UUCP>, how...@unc.UUCP (William Howell) writes:
> Over the weekend I heard from a competitor of Sun that Sun
> was recently hit with a lot of bad (REAL BAD) memory chips.
> Supposedly this information is public, and that Sun has even
> filed legal action against the vendor. I am unable to locate
> any articles in the trade press covering this, can anyone
> give me a pointer? verify? thanks.

Your information is very old. SUN got some bad chips from
Micron in Idaho (now refered to as mutant spudboy chips).
Apparently there is a suit still active, but I haven't heard
anything in about a year. These chips were used in some
of the SUN 2's.

Micron, alleged manufacturer of the allegedly defective chips,
was one of the first companies to go crying to the government
about "unfair" Japanese competetion. Seems that the Japanese were
competing by making their memories too good.

Disclaimer: I have no official connection with SUN.

John Little

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