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Workstations (Re: <15@uw-atm.UUCP>)

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May 4, 1986, 2:04:33 PM5/4/86
This article was originally sent just to on May 1. Since I
do not receive, please E-mail responses to me. If
they are interesting enough, I will post them to Usenet.


I work for an Atmospheric Sciences Department. We are looking at
different workstations for manipulation and display of graphical
data, and radar and satellite imagery. If anyone has any words of
wisdom about the following workstations, I would be very grateful:

Apollo, Masscomp, Sun, Dec

Harry Edmon (...uw-beaver!geops!uw-atm!harry or
(206) 543-0547 ...seismo!uw-70!geops!harry)
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, AK-40
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

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