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Floating-Point Guide; get something for nothing!

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David Hough

Feb 19, 1986, 3:23:14 PM2/19/86
I have just finished drafting a Sun Floating-Point Software
Users' Guide which is intended to answer all the questions
about floating point on Sun-2's and Sun-3's that you have
not been able to find answers to elsewhere.

If you are a floating point guru,
customer, potential customer, or even competitor,
and would like to review the first draft of this Guide then
send a request to me stating a solid path from sun or
ucbvax to you that will pass big mail (two 40K chunks - some ARPA
sites balk at much less than 40K).

I will mail nroff source to you. In return I would like your
comments about any misinformation you find or missing information
that should be there. Mail your request to:


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