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Jul 26, 1986, 5:38:29 PM7/26/86
The European Unix systems User Group presents:

EUUG Autumn'1986 Workshop
Distributed UNIX Systems

Manchester, England
22nd-25th September, 1986

The EUUG Autumn'86 Workshop in Manchester will be focusing on
technical presentations and discussions around one theme where
a lot of energy is being spent these days in the UNIX technical
community: distributed UNIX systems and applications. Actually
the focus will be much more on the "system" than on the
"application" aspects, due to the nature of the papers
submitted - this may mean that there are many more people
working on distributing UNIX than people actually using
distributed UNIXes.

Unlike the other "big" EUUG conference, this one will not have
a largish commercial exhibition associated with it - but it
will have a Table Top Exhibition which will be technically
oriented. There will be a quite large number of speakers to
give participants a chance to present their work and thus
propose introductory material for starting discussions and
exchange of ideas during, or after the sessions (around a glass
of the famous but cheap Manchester Beer).

It should also be a good opportunity for people wishing to
learn more about UNIX to get some feelings about the future
technical evolutions of the operating system and of its

Technical Program

The technical program will last three days, from:

Monday 22 September 1986 at 10.00
Wednesday 24 September at 17.30.

Technical sessions will be dedicated to: Design and
Implementation of Distributed UNIX Systems, Interprocess
Communication, Networking, Remote Access and Network File
Servers, Distributed File Systems, Handling Heterogeneity,
Multi-Processors and Parallel Computers, Experience with
Distributed Systems, Operation of Distributed Environments,
User Interfaces, Applications using Distributed Environments.

Papers are to be presented by leading UNIX personalties from
most European Countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy,
Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom) as well as Israel, and the
United States.

Invited speakers include: Andrew Black from University of
Washington at Seatle on the EDEN project experience, Peter
Langston from Bellcore on using a "very heterogeneous"
distributed environment for producing Music, Jim Lipkis and
Lori Grob from New York University on "ultra" computers, Kirk
McKusick and Mike Karels from UC. Berkeley on new developments
for BSD systems, Robert Van Renesse from Vrije University in
Amsterdam on AMOEBA, Bob Sidebotham from Carnegie Mellon
University on Large Distributed File Systems, Avadis Tevanian
from Carnegie Mellon University on the MACH Project, and Hubert
Zimmermann from CNET on UNIX and the OSI standardisation

Advanced Tutorials

Thursday 25 September 1986 will be dedicated to advanced

Two full day tutorials will take place in parallel on the
following subjects:

+ 4.3BSD Topics,

+ System V, Release 3 internals.

They will be presented by the "key" wizards from Berkeley (Mike
Karels and Kirk McKusick) and AT&T (Bob Ducanson, Bruce
Richards and Andy Rifkin).


Costs including accomodation and ALL meals (exclusive of 15%
VAT tax) are:

+ Workshop: (EUUG members) 200 UK pounds; (non members)
300 UK pounds.

+ Tutorials: (EUUG members) 100 UK pounds.

For further details and to get the preliminary program booklet
and registration forms, please contact the EUUG Secretariat:

Helen Gibbons
EUUG Secretariat
Owles Hall
Buntingford, Herts, SG9 9PL
Tel: +44 763 73039
Fax: +44 763 73255
Net: ...!mcvax!ukc!inset!euug

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