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4.2BSD manuals (long, but important)

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The devil made me do it

non lue,
13 mars 1984, 00:54:4813/03/1984
As announced at the UniForum Conference in Washington, D.C.,
USENIX is sponsoring the printing of 4.2BSD manuals. These manuals
may be purchased only by institutional USENIX members holding a 4.2BSD
license agreement and will require the representative from each member
institution to sign a simple agreement designating USENIX as their agent
for manual duplication. There is no limit on the number of manuals a
site may purchase, though we cannot promise there will be any printing
runs other than this one. Consequently, it is highly recommended that
sites consider this a one time event and order accordingly. Further,
the larger the quantity of manuals printed, the lower the cost will be
to all sites. This message has three purposes:

o to inform all interested parties of the imminent availability of 4.2
o to publicize the expected format, and
o to collect responses from all those interested instituations as to
the quantity of manuals they expect to order.

The last item is most important as the total number of manuals printed
will define the exact cost. Further, only those sites responding will
receive a copy of the agreement necessary to purchase the manuals.
Remember that these manuals will be sold only to USENIX institutional
members. If your institution is not a member of USENIX but still wishes
to order manuals, you should join -- the cost to join will be easily
recouped in the cost of the manuals purchased. (If you think this is
a plug for USENIX, you're right.)

The information included below should answer most all questions about
the manuals. If you have further questions regarding the manuals I
will try and reply promptly if you send me mail at either of the addresses
shown below.

Manual Descriptions
------ ------------
The 3 manuals which may be purchased are shown below; a detailed
description of each volume's contents is given later. All manuals will
be printed in a photo-reduced 6"x9" format with plastic binding which
(unfortunately) does not permit local additions. Reference guides will
have "bleed tabs" to ease the identification of manuals sections. The
manual format and contents is fixed and no quantity of pleading will
cause it to change (masters have already been created).

UNIX User's Manual (2 volumes)
Volume 1, Reference Guide
Volume 2, Supplementary Documents

UNIX Programmer's Manual (2 volumes)
Volume 1, Reference Guide
Volume 2, Supplementary Documents

UNIX System Manager's Manual (1 volume)

While some manuals are two separate volumes, one may only order complete
manuals; i.e. one may NOT order a Volume 1 of the User's Manual without
also ordering Volume 2.

The manuals are organized differently from the standard 4.2BSD manuals
distributed by Berkeley for several reasons:

1. The quantity of material was too thick to permit the style of
binding desired.
2. The reorganization permits grouping logically related information.
3. Most users will not have to shoulder the cost of printing material
they will rarely use.
4. One may once again have manuals "small enough to fit in their briefcase"
(though, of course, more of them).

Manual Contents
------ --------
UNIX User's Manual, Reference Guide

The following sections from Volume 1 of the original UPM: preface,
introduction, table of contents, permuted index, section 1 (commands),
section 6 (games), and section 7 (tables). Manual sections will have
bleed tabs.

UNIX User's Manual, Supplementary Documents

The following documents from Volumes 2a, 2b, and 2c of the UPM:

7th Edition UNIX - Summary
The UNIX Time-Sharing System
UNIX for Beginners
A Tutorial Introduction to the UNIX Text Editor
Advanced Editing on UNIX
Edit: A Tutorial
An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi
Ex Reference Manual
An Introduction to the UNIX Shell
An Introduction to the C Shell
Learn - Computer Aided Instruction on UNIX
Mail Reference Manual
SED - A Non-interactive Text Editor
AWK - A Pattern Scanning and Processing Language
DC - An Interactive Desk Calculator
BC - An Arbitrary Precision Desk-Calculator Language
Typesetting Documents on the UNIX System
A Revised Version of -ms
Writing Papers with Nroff Using -me
-me Reference Manual
A System for Typsetting Mathematics
TBL - A Program to Format Tables
Some Applications of Inverted Indexes on the UNIX System
Refer - A Bibliography System
Writing Tools - The Style and Diction Programs
NROFF/TROFF User's Manual
A TROFF Tutorial
A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom

UNIX Programmer's Manual, Reference Guide

The following sections from Volume 1 of the original UPM: section 2
(system calls), section 3 (libraries), section 4 (devices), section 5
(file formats). All manual sections will have bleed tabs.

UNIX Programmer's Manual, Supplementary Documents

The following documents from Volumes 2a, 2b, and 2c of the UPM:

The C Programming Language - Reference Manual
Berkeley Pascal User's Manual
Berkeley FP User's Manual
A Portable Fortran 77 Compiler
Introduction to the f77 I/O Library
Assembler Reference Manual
Lint, A C Program Checker
UNIX Programming
4.2BSD System Manual
A Tutorial Introduction to ADB
Make - A Program for Maintaining Computer Programs
YACC: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
LEX - A Lexical Analyzer Generator
Rator - A Preprocessor for a Rational Fortran
The Programming Language EFL
The M4 Macro Processor
Screen Updating and Cursor Movement Optimization
An Introduction to the Source Code Control System
A Tour Through the Portable C Compiler

UNIX System Manager's Manual

Section 8 (maintenance commands) of the original UPM. The following
documents from Volumes 2a, 2b, and 2c:

Installing and Operating 4.2BSD on the VAX
Building 4.2BSD UNIX System with Config
Fsck - The UNIX File System Check Program
4.2BSD Line Printer Spooler Manual
Sendmail - An Internetwork Mail Router
Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide
A Dial-Up Network of UNIX Systems
UUCP Implementation Description
UNIX Implementation
The UNIX I/O System
A Fast File System for UNIX
Disc Quotas in a UNIX Environment
4.2BSD Network Implementation Notes
On the Security of UNIX
Password Security: A Case History

Cost and Delivery
The cost of the manuals is still to be determined. Preliminary
estimates indicate the cost breakdowns shown below. These costs will
vary according to the total number of each manual printed, the actual
number of pages in each manual, and the printer selected. In addition
to the charge for the printed material, each site will be responsible
for paying shipping and handling charges. These charges also have yet
to be determined. Assuming all goes well with the printing and verification
of 4.2BSD license agreements, we hope the manuals will be available in
late March or early April. We cannot give any more specific time of

User's Manual
Price per set (1000 copies printed) ~$22

Programmer's Manual
Price per set (1000 copies printed) ~$23

System Manager's Manual
Price per set (1000 copies printed) ~$16

This translates to ~$61 for a complete set of manuals (not including
shipping), quite a bargain when one considers what other suppliers of
manuals are charging!

Getting on the List
If you plan to order manuals when they become available, please fill out
the short form below and return it via mail to:

ucbvax!manuals (uucp)
manuals@berkeley (ARPANET)

Alternatively (though not recommended), you may mail your form to me at

Sam Leffler
Lucasfilm, Ltd.
P.O. Box 2009
San Rafael, California 94912

To simplify my work, please be certain to include a Subject line
in your message of the form given. Responses must be received
within two weeks (March 21).

NOTE: This is NOT an order form! Do NOT send checks, purchase orders,
etc. The purpose of responding at this time is to help us determine
the quanties of manuals to print. All respondents will subsequently
receive complete ordering information and a Manual Reproduction
Authorization Form which must be signed and returned to USENIX along
with proper license documentation before you can receive any manuals.
To receive this form you must remember to include your US mailing
address. Please do not indicate quantities based on expected costs
(e.g. I'll take 10 of this if it costs $10, but only 5 if it costs
$15), but rather accurate estimates based on your true expectations.

To: ucbvax!manuals
To: manuals@berkeley
Subject: USENIX manuals

Computer Mailing Address:
U.S. Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
USENIX Membership Number:

<number of> User's Manuals
<number of> Programmer's Manuals
<number of> System Manager's Manuals

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