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Mt. Xinu mailing list, anyone?

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Arnold D. Robbins {EUCC}

Nov 5, 1986, 6:24:05 PM11/5/86
We are running 4.3+NFS from Mt. Xinu on two 780s and a 750. I have seen
notes from other people also running this version of Unix. I am the system
administrator for the 780s.

The 750 admin and I would be interested in forming a mailing list of mtxinu
customers. I suspect that not everything that each customer turns in to them
as a problem and/or solution gets fed back out to everyone else, right away.

Sort of a mutual self-help group is what I would like to see formed. I plan
to set things up as an auto-feed sort of mailing list; i.e. mail to the list
will get forwarded on to everyone else without my intervention. I don't have
a whole lot of time to spend running a list by hand.

If you are interested in joining such a list, please send me a note, including
your name, address, phone number and e-mail addresses. I will reply to make sure
that you can be reached from here. If you don't get my reply, call me at
(404) 727-4785.

Arnold Robbins
CSNET: arnold@emory BITNET: arnold@emoryu1
UUCP: { akgua, decvax, gatech, sb1, sb6, sunatl }!emory!arnold

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