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3B2-400 to IBM mainframe RJE link

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Joop van der Peet

Nov 7, 1986, 6:13:18 PM11/7/86

I installed the ISC board in a 3B2-400 and the cBSC/RJE software
from Systems Strategies Inc. for a IBM-mainframe BSC/RJE link.
The transfer of data succeeded but only with maximum of 5 records of
80 characters.
Does anyone have a better experience with the data transfer.
Advise would be gratefully accepted.

Joop van der Peet Olivetti/AT&T The Netherlands
Verbeekstraat 19-21 2332CA Leiden The Netherlands
Tel. +31 71 319665 Telefax +31 71 312049 Telex 39090 OLNED NL
Uucp: ...!{seismo,decvax,philabs}!mcvax!olnl1!joop

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