OA with WP, Inf. Ret., Relat. DBMS, C/PASCAL

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Mar 24, 1982, 3:32:14 AM3/24/82
I'm interested in constructing an integrated system for word processing,
relational DBM, and information retrieval of documents and mail. I'd like
to use C and PASCAL but need to find good WP and DBMS software under UNIX

1) Has anyone done comparisons among the various PASCAL's that run on UNIX,
as to code size or execution time on standard benchmark programs? Is there
a version of the Oregon Software compiler for UNIX and is it good?
2) Are there any user-friendly packages for word processing that run on
standard CRT types of terminals and yet let you see what you have as you
go along (i.e. don't use embedded codes like NROFF).
3) Does anyone have experience with relational DBMS under UNIX? I've been
using INGRES and it is at least an order of magnitude too slow. ORACLE
looks good on paper (except for the price) but I'd like user comments.
Other packages like MISTRES, SEQUITAR aren't very complete, but if people
have had good experiences that would be good to know.
4) Does anyone have clustering routines or other packages that relate to
information retrieval applications?
Thank you for the information!
Ed Fox
(decvax!vax135!cornell!eaf or eaf.cornell@udel)

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