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Coup d'Etat

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Feb 6, 1983, 3:34:01 AM2/6/83
There has been a coup. This netnews group has been taken over.
While you slept, thousands of ruthless information soldiers
assaulted the network and captured the previous, now powerless and
forgotten, autocrats. I am now in power. This newsgroup is strong,
for I am in control and I am strong. No more will this newsgroup
be tainted by whining sops seeking a brief flicker of fame by feigning
wisdom of sacred rituals. The submitters of such subversive
articles shall be dealt with justly and efficiently.

Of course, as after any takeover, there must be adjustments made.
The following puppets of the old regime are representative of
those who will not be contributing to the newsgroup henceforth:

brunix!jah ittvax!neiman research!rob tekcad!shauns
brunix!rb iwsl2!jgpo sdccsu3!iz328 tekid!kevenb
brunix!thf ixlpc!mhauck sdchema!bam wivax!taylor
gi!frank microsof!gordonl sri-unix!billw yale-com!hickmott
hplabsb!soreff mprvaxa!shinbro sytek!blk zinfandel!nyles
ihuxe!ryl nmtvax!greg tekcad!keithl

I do not enjoy violence, but I have ways of maintaining control.

net.suicide is dead! Long live net.suicide!


Feb 6, 1983, 7:37:50 PM2/6/83
Let us all, instead of commiting suicide, commit rabbit!bimmler.


Feb 10, 1983, 10:23:06 PM2/10/83
Rest assured that net.suicide is still in the capable hands of its founding
hacks. No coup has taken place. I repeat, no coup has taken place. We are
however forced to step up security measures to prevent such civil disturbances
in the future. rabbit!bimmler has been captured and tried. He has been
sentenced to 30 years of hard enjoyment of living and his troops are now
undergoing reprogramming in government facilities.

Until further notice, anyone posting articles to net.suicide without the net
secret signoff will be considered enemies of the state and will be forced to
smile incessantly and talk about the weather.

happy to be sooo depressed-

Shaun Simpkins
Adjunct Whoozit, department of disturbances,

uucp: {ucbvax,decvax,chico,pur-ee,cbosg,ihnss}!teklabs!tekcad!shauns
CSnet: shauns@tek


Feb 12, 1983, 2:08:02 AM2/12/83

Excuse me, but as long as I'm around, anyone who wants anything on this
net that is reasonable can probably get it one. Hear me, fellow netters!
I have essentially unlimited numbers of accounts! If you want something
on here, mail it to me. I'll get it on. Never mind evil bumbling

(flame off)
Lady Arwen of U.C.S.D.

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