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Steve Schramm

May 27, 1985, 1:55:30 PM5/27/85
(* It's a long drive into the gap in right center...
it's going all the way to the wall! *)

ok, y'all, i'm tired of hearing all this garbage about how lousy
the astros are and how no *quality* players exist on the team.

first off, you don't know the astros' lineup because:
1) houston doesn't get the coverage of new york, l.a., chicago or atlanta
2) you're not enough of a real baseball hacker to follow the
true state of the game, including current and historical stats

the astros are fast and hence have good team speed which makes
for exciting baseball. in addition, they have consistently had
great pitching (even away from the dome) and that includes starters
(nolan who?) and relievers (dave smith, 4-1, 1.69 era).
the fact that you don't know any of these guys doesn't take
away from the fact that jose cruz has been one of
the best players in the majors over the past ten years,
(currently .346, second in the league) or that denny
walling (pay attention, there will be a brief quiz later) is
presently seventh in the league at .327. as a team, the 'stros
are second in the league in hitting.

it's ironic that the one player that was mentioned, dickie thon, was
injured almost all of last year and is still hurting this year
(currently disabled after hitting only .200). he is, however,
(or at least was, and may be again) an all-star who had to be
super-amazing just to get the attention of the press.

and for those of you smug easterners who say that the 'stros live
in the horribly weak noncompetitive western division, please note
that as of saturday, the west was two games over .500 against the

so there. cut it out. and if you don't, i'll rip up your
lawn and put in astroturf or some equally abomidable petrochemical
derivative (yeah, i hate the stuff, too).

oh, and one other thing: keep the dh out out of the national league!
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