PC Hack for MS-DOS

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Keith Drescher

Jun 28, 1985, 10:15:46 AM6/28/85
Does anyone know of a version of hack that will run on a PC running
PC-DOS (MS-DOS)? Either binary or Microsoft C compatible source
would be OK.

One final note: I have hack for the pdp11/45 (which I still haven't
been able to port to SVR2). Any one care to comment on my chances of
porting it to the pc under Microsoft C. Just a note on system calls
in hack which Microsoft C does not support and ideas on how to
implement them with PC-DOS would be appreciated.

Thanks much,
Keith Drescher (kad@ttrdc)

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Jul 4, 1985, 8:45:00 PM7/4/85

Keith, if you can send me a path to "ttrdc" maybe we
can work something out as I have both .EXE and .C source
(although it was written for Lattice C).

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