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Craig Werner

Sep 11, 1986, 12:56:13 AM9/11/86

The next posting from me will be the first posting of a regular
summary of AIDS information. It will be posted monthly or so to three
newsgroups:, net.motss, and It will be updated and
revised regularly, and a diff file will accompany it if changes have been
It will not be posted, as this article is, to,
net.rec.nude, or net.rumor. AIDS articles have appeared in those groups
in the past innapropriately.
DO NOT followup to this article. Do not followup to the Summary
article. Confine all queries concerning AIDS to with original

Thank You.
Craig Werner (MD/PhD '91)
(1935-14E Eastchester Rd., Bronx NY 10461, 212-931-2517)
"I tell you I'm a thief and you call me a liar?"

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