Electronically Mediated Human Relationships

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Chris Andersen

Aug 6, 1986, 10:35:53 PM8/6/86
In article <1...@uwmacc.UUCP> ande...@uwmacc.UUCP (Jess Anderson) writes:
>A topic that intrigues me greatly is the emergence of person-
>to-person relationships mediated entirely by electronic (non-
>television) means.

>Is there a newsgroup that supports a discussion of this topic?

I think net.social is most appropriate and have cross-posted this reply to
it and net.singles and added a followup-to: net.social.

>If not, are there people interested in discussing the topic?

*Very* much! I would not hesitate to say that the field of electronic,
person-to-person communication is probably the single most important aspect of
computers today. Sure computers can do a lot of other marvelous things, but
the the medium of Electronic Communication (EC) provides a vast amount of
potential for human growth in socialization. I know from personal experience
that netnews and other forms of EC have had tremendous effects (for the better)
on my social life.

There is of course a danger that you can get too wrapped up in the potentials
of EC to the point where other forms of communication (such as face to face)
are unused. But if you are careful to watch out for that, EC can be a wonderful

I have a lot to say on this subject, but I'll wait to see how others respond
before I continue.
My mailbox is always willing to accept letters.

Yours in better understanding,
Chris Andersen (chrisa@tekig5)

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