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Dec 20, 1982, 2:17:13 PM12/20/82
Last I heard, the cause or means of transmission of AIDS was not known.
I would appreciate any pointers to well-documented claims to the contrary.


Dec 21, 1982, 2:52:12 AM12/21/82
The disease sounds very frightening. I had heard about it about two weeks
ago. Seems like the public should be more aware of it. Anybody have any
info on it?
Barry Evans


Dec 21, 1982, 10:33:48 PM12/21/82
I am in no way an expert on AIDS. I did recieve a copy of recommendations
from the Center for Disease Control for health personnel working with these
patients. They summarize the current level of knowledge in the first paragraph.
"the etiology of the underlying immune deficiencies seen in AIDS cases is
unknown. One hypothesis consistent with current observations is that a trans-
missible agent may be involved. If so, transiDmission of the agent would appear
most commonly to require intimate direct contact involving mucosal surfaces, such
as sexual contact among homosexual males, or through parenteral spread, such as
occurs among intravenous drug abusers and possible hemophilia patients using
Factor VIII products. Airborne spread and interpersonal spread through casual
contact do not seem likely. These patterns resemble the distribution of disease
and modes of spread of hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis B virus infectons
occur very frequently among aidDDDAIDS cases.

"There is presently no evidence of AIDS transmission to hospital personnel
from contact with affected patients or clinical specimens. Because of concern
about a possible transmissible agent, however, interim suggestions are
appropriate to guide patient-care and laboratory personnel, including those
whose work invloves experimental animals..... "

Essentially the suggestions are those which are followed when caring for
patients ore boDDDDDr body fludDids with haDepatitis. (Handwashing, gloves, gowne,DDs D, masks,

Quote from "Morbidity and Mortality WeelDkly Report, 31:43, Nov 5, 1982."
This is a respected newsletter type of thing sent by the Center for Disease
Control to physicians and other healteDh personnel. The CDC, incidently, is
a government agency probably most noted currently for tracking down Legionaires

Jack Buchanan (MD))D
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC


Dec 23, 1982, 7:17:35 PM12/23/82
I just heard about something rather frightening: Acquired Immune Deficency
Syndrome, AIDS for short. It is transmitted by any excrement or secretion,
including saliva, blood, urine, feces, and sperm. It is apparently fatal
about 40% of the time. It has a estimated latency time of about a year,
during which the victim is contagious but shows no symptoms.
The relevance of this to is that it reminds me of a
recent article in Time about sexually transmitted diseases. This article
said there was a period when casual sex was possible. VD was easily cured.
Then along came herpes. Now, for better or for worse, the choice of a
partner could not be so care-free. This article even alluded to a wrathful
God inflicting herpes as a punishment.
Well, herpes may be painful and uncurable, but it is not fatal.
Now here is a disease which is. I wonder if AIDS will encourage monogamy
in cases where herpes hasn't. Apparently male homosexuals, who as a group
tend to change partners frequently, are often victims of AIDS. I wonder
what Time thinks of this. And, I wonder what you think of this.
Oh, and don't get any blood transfusions either.


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