Post-marital sex

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Aug 10, 1986, 6:08:26 PM8/10/86
Warning: contains highly debatable material. Will cause your fingers
to erupt flames in response :-)

We have beaten the subject of pre-marital sex into the ground, now let's
let the other side of the "I do's" have their say. A few questions:

If you had sex before you were married, are you,
(a) glad you did, or
(b) wish you hadn't
and why?

Has your general opinion of sex changed since marriage? Do you find it
more, less or the same interesting? Is it what you expected it to be
(if you hadn't had sex before marriage)?

Do you feel the purpose of sex is
(a) to enjoy it
(b) to have children
(c) a and b
(d) something else (please state what you feel it is)

If your religion either forbids, or disapproves, of you having sex
before marriage, and you did, do you feel the experience was worthwhile
or detrimental to your married sex life?

Ditto, except if you didn't have sex before marriage.

Postings are welcome.


[Poster's note: I have not set followups to anywhere yet, since I want
to see who winds up discussing the topic. I'll let subsequent posters
(if any) decide where they want followups to go.]

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