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Henry Mensch

Aug 27, 1986, 12:08:10 AM8/27/86

This is for all of you who read about Ms Mischief's party, heard
mumblings about another party in Boston, and want to know more:

IT's HERE! (soon, at my place)

IT's COMING UP SOON (Saturday evening, 27 September 1986)

IT's ... yet another!

It's true ... a will happen at my place (a reasonably-sized
five-bedroom apartment in Brighton) on 27 Sep 1986. There will be a
reasonable amount of party space (although there won't be the amount of
party space that there was at Mischief's ... unless you want to mow the
weeds and plow through the schmutz in the backyard. . . )

WHAT I WILL PROVIDE: a keg of stuff, and some edible greasy finger-food
type things like chips and stuff ... There will be music (my choice unless
you bring some of your own ... dance music especially wanted!) ... Crash
space for A FEW people (maybe other net.bostonians will help out here ...)
... a smoke-free space for folks to party in (smoking is permitted outside
and on the small deck out back ... ) and (hopefully) the scene of a net.crime
or two ...

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: if you are interested in attending you should send me
email YESTERDAY (that means soon). Include in your message:

-) your name, net address from a known place (or Internet/
bitnet address), and phone number (in case email == black-hole)

-) whether you will need a place to crash or not (I'm *NOT*
promising anything here ... this depends on how many bostonians
it takes to screw a net.partier ;-))


-) music (cassettes and CDs are fine, vinyl thingies are not).

-) an appropriate beverage for yourself (there's a store down
the street which sells beer and wine coolers; they're open
until 12 or so on weekends).

-) munchies ... these are *always* welcome.

-) yourself ...

-) a portable hot-tub.

If I think of anything else, you should hear from me when I post directions
(this will happen in a few days).

SO ... send those postcards in NOW ... I look forward to hearing from you

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Henry Mensch | Technical Writer | MIT/Project Athena ..!mit-eddie!mit-athena!henry

Henry Mensch

Sep 5, 1986, 2:42:32 PM9/5/86

Hi, folks

Things have been really busy here so I haven't responded to all the
party letters and such. Please be assured that I will catch up with
this correspondence over the weekend.

And, as Bartles and Jaymes would say, "Thank you for your support."

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