Attorney General's Commission on Pornography

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Oleg Kill the bastards Kiselev

Sep 15, 1986, 11:02:22 PM9/15/86
The recent rise in the number of reports of child molestation and child abuse
have been tied to the rise in porn availability by Meese's Anti-porn comission.
I have noted that it also coincides with
>>... a rise in religious fundamentalism
and may be THAT is the cause of many problems.

In article <15...@mtx5a.UUCP> m...@mtx5a.UUCP (m.terribile) writes:
>Assuming that this is true, it's an interesting point. Care to discuss it?

I am quite willing -- but not in this news-group. talk.religion.misc?

Oleg Kiselev,
HASA, "A" division

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