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Ms Mischief

Aug 11, 1986, 9:42:59 AM8/11/86
Forgive me for repeating things.
Forgive me for repeating things.
Well, I'm back in town and have been deluged with all sorts of
interesting mail. Some people have asked when this party I posted
directions to is. Oh, Wow, a question I can answer! :-) It's
Saturday, August 16. My mom's birthday (told her I'd celebrate it
;-)). It starts at 4:30'ish (sort of early, considering the IHNP4
party ended sometime after 5 AM) so some extinguished
net.personalities can make it at least part of the time.
You do not have to be a frequent poster/reader/human to attend (see
how easy going I is?). Anybody nearby who can provide grills or
chairs: lavish positive thoughts/goodwill/hugs/and heheh assorted
other nifty keeno things will be heaped upon you.

Pranksters required to attend ;-).
Punsters better have pretty good puns to attend ;-) :-).

Blackmail pictures of the IHNP4 party should be in some dark smokey
corner of the establishment (ok. I'm slightly exaggerating when I
call my hovel an establishment! Big deal :-) ).

If you already have prior commtiments to knit brownies with the
salvation Army, I understand. Just remember to send your evil twin.
Makes for more interesting mayhem anyways ;-) (that's what my twin
said about the IHNP4 party. 'course I dunno since I wasn't there.
Not me. Nah. Uh-huh. ;-) )

My home phone is out of order, and I've lost some email. If there
were emergency panic requests that have not received any response
from me, that is probably why. People flying in and needing
rides/crash space should have heard from me by now.

Gotta reply to some of this email, now,
Yours in mischief ;-)
The Ms.

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