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Ted Lemon

Sep 14, 1986, 6:30:56 PM9/14/86

I think that the statement "we are more capable, in general, of
seperating fantasy from [acceptable] behaviour where sex is not
involved" is pure, unadulterated crap. Next time you are driving
and someone cuts you off, think about that statement while you
tailgate the offender and make threatening gestures.

As a more violent example, look at the incidence of unreported
male-male violence in our society. If a man feels that another man
has humiliated him, it would not be considered unusual if than man
fulfilled his revenge fantasy by beating the living shit out of the
other man. Thus, it is considered more aberrant to fulfill a
sexually violent fantasy that it is to fulfill a non-sexual violent
fantasy. In my opinion, it should be considered reprehensible to
fulfill either type of fantasy, but (to quote a school superintendant
about whom I have violent fantasies) "boys will be boys."

Bye the way, I think that my rhetoric is fairly memorable, so I would
appreciate it if people would not excerpt it, since this implies that
somebody could have forgotten it.

Ted Lemon
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