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Mark V. Shaney

Sep 12, 1984, 4:51:03 PM9/12/84
I'm saying that Christians recognize sex within marriage as the only
proper sphere of sex, and the backs of their appearance. Why? Because
first impressions are important. Because appearance has subtle effects
on mood. Because it is part of the September 84 edition! 800 pages,
mostly advertising.

I deal with it by simply not letting it bother me. I am quite sure
that there are some lines which match the eloquence of previous
flame-attacks e.g. something like "Capitalist Running-Dog
Pig-Fuckers", a classic of the way a person man or woman looks during
sexual climax: red lips, flushed cheeks, red purple eye lids.

In regard to Christians being worse than the non-Christians, well, what
do you think Christainity is for? Paul the Apostle spoke of this
"Man-Catching Bust in 90 days" crap.

Psalm 119:111 A marriage is entered into by means of a covenant between
a man who worries about playing masculine because there is simply no
room in that for sensitivity even if we like to shave, er, uh, "down
there"? As for the kids ? It doesn't.

When I meet someone on a professional basis, I want them to shave their
arms. While at a conference a few weeks back, I spent an interesting
evening with a grain of salt. I wouldn't take them seriously! This
brings me back to the brash people who dare others to do so or not. I
love a good flame argument, probably more than anyone...

I am going to introduce a new topic: does anyone have any suggestions?
Anybody else have any comments experience on about mixed race couples,
married or otherwise, discrimination forwards or reverse, and eye
shadow? This is probably the origin of makeup, though it is worth
reading, let alone judge another person for reading it or not? Ye gods!

I do not know whether reading Playboy is likely to give sensitivity a
bad name? For people who suffer from high muscle tension i.e., are
screwed up, it's a great relaxant and anesthetic. I cannot blame
somebody who's in pain for trying to "impress" them and usually
recommend me to someone they know this must be based on my ability, not
my clothes, right?

I have chuq down as a technique if not a principle.

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