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Changing History

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STella Calvert

Nov 25, 1986, 9:13:16 PM11/25/86
In article <3...@rutgers.RUTGERS.EDU> PUGH%CCX.M...@LLL-MFE.ARPA writes:
>Now you have a time machine and a nice theory of time that states you can go
>back, change things, and return to either future you want (or visit both to
>see the differences). Now you get to prepare and take a small stock of
>supplies with you. What would you change?

Firstly, I've always been curious about what would have happened if
Alexander the Great had lived -- so, besides Craig Werner, I'd take
whatever _he_ wanted.

Appearing on the Road to Damascus and reprogramming Saul would also be
most amusing -- laser, bull-horn, and the _Book of the Law_ should be
about right. "Listen up, Saul -- killing xians has got to stop! Do
what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Might solve a lot of
problems that would otherwise persist for dreary thousands of years.

Clearing out the library at Alexandria and replacing the works that
would be burnt the next day with fakes would be interesting (wouldn't
change history unless I could figure some way of reinserting them --
like planting them in a cave I knew someone would enter soon....)

>Me, I would like to go put the fear of God in the people in Salem. Let's
>see them burn witches when an angel (complete with wings, lights, horns,
>and a flying harness) drops down in front of the church and tells them not too.
>Granted it's a bit dangerous, but it could be fun!

Ok, you're gonna get Salem (if the changes I make don't render it
unnecessary) so I won't bother. But wear a kevlar suit such and it
wouldn't be very dangerous.... (I'd be willing to come along and
cover you, if you like....)

And _somehow_ (I haven't done the research, so I'm not sure what the
best trick would be) I'd like to ensure that the anti-taxers won the
Whiskey Rebellion.

That might be enough right there. But just for the hell of it, let's
grab Hitler, circumcise him, Nair his lip, and drop him in his own
camps, before we change history so they don't happen. "But I'm
the Fuehrer..." Right, Jew-Boy, go take a shower....

>Or how about arriving at Custer's last stand and trying to convince and or
>fool him or the Indians into going the wrong way. Would that make any

Yes -- but I'd change things in the other direction. Custer and Co.
getting killed doesn't bother me the least little bit!

>I would like to have stowed away on one of the later Apollo missions.

_I'd_ scuttle off to Tranquillity Base and implement my husband's
suggestion. Erase Nixon's name from the plaque, and substitute
[executive deleted]. Wouldn't _change_ a lot, but wouldn't it be
_fun_! (Now do you know why I love wjr? Among other reasons....)

STella Calvert

Do what thou wilt -- not just a good idea,

it's the law!

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