Domestic Stasis Fields

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Nov 26, 1986, 11:14:28 AM11/26/86
From: (Dani Zweig)

Having a stasis field to protect you when you plow into a planet at near
light-speed is all very nice, but how often do you plow into a planet while
going so far above the speed limit? The real benefits of the stasis field
would manifest themselves if it were available at a reasonable price for
small-size containers:

You could get soft butter in restaurants.

Pizza would be delivered hot. (It would still take an hour and a half, so if
you're very hungry you might want to put *yourself* in a stasis field while
you wait.)

Fresh fruit would always be in season.

Batteries would have an indefinite shelf life. (They would still, however,
not be included.)

Superdiscount airlines would save landing time and fees by flying low over
their destinations and literally dropping off their passengers. (This one
still has a few practical difficulties.)

No more February blues.

Gifts could bear the label "WILL not open till Xmas".

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