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Charley Wingate

Nov 26, 1986, 7:57:50 AM11/26/86
D. W. James writes:

> One more thing before I leave this sad discussion behind. I have been
>in the SCA for about 5 years now, and until 6 months ago had never heard the
>term "ska" used for SCA, or 'SCAdians' for SCAers. It grates about the same
>way hearing Clarke and Asimov described as 'sci-fi' writers does. The correct
>pronunciation is to say each letter "ess see (long)a", with an -er for

Up here in frozen Maryland, everyone refers to the members of said
organization as scadians. Tastes in English are highly regional.

AEthelfrith of the Firth (who is a Marklander, by the way)

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