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Aug 15, 1985, 1:49:17 PM8/15/85
From: Peter Alfke <Alfke...@Xerox.ARPA>

Dave Mankins ( writes:
>the walls covered with grafitti (my god, I'm considering going back
>to this movie just to concentrate on the graffiti alone!)

Pacific Tech is loosely based on Caltech (at which I'm a student). The
director and stars of the film visited Tech last fall, and they wanted
to shoot the movie there but Tech wouldn't let them for some reason. A
lot of the stuff that goes on at PacTech has happened at Caltech; just
not quite as often.

Anyway, the dorm that was shown in the movie is a fairly close copy of
Dabney House at Caltech, including the huge Saturn mural and all the
graffiti. If you would like to come to Pasadena sometime, you can
wander through Dabney house (don't worry; Darbs are mellow, no one will
bother you) and read an entire dorm-full of such stuff.

Needless to say, I think Real Genius is a wonderful, funny movie and
everyone should see it, regardless of what they think of Caltech.

--Peter Alfke

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