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Oct 14, 1982, 9:14:38 PM10/14/82
Ah yes, me hearties. It has long been rumored here in the cornfields that Luke is theclone of VAder,
and that theterm "father" means only the donation of sperm or tissue to generate another Jedci.
Glad that our friends outside the citadel of Hoosierland are finallyu cathcing onb.

Looking back at the output of this terminal makes me wonder whteher I can spell....

....Arlan Keith Andrews, Sr., BElll Labs, Indy

[unsung author of "Glossolalia" in JUly 82 Analog & misc. other brilliant offerings in
OMNI,. etc.


Oct 14, 1982, 9:33:05 PM10/14/82
Of course Darth Vader is Luke's father. Besides the veiled references to
Darth (the bad side of the man) killing Luke's father (the side we like) and
so forth, the tip-off is that VADER is an obvious cognate to the Indo-european
root VATER or FATHER ... get it?

The most interesting question is: OB1 says Luke's "our last hope" (or is it
Yoda) and Yoda replies, "no, there is another." (An obvious tie-in for the
Revenge of the Jedi!) It can't be Solo because he's too handy with a blaster,
not mystical, very impure. I'm positive it's the princess.



Oct 14, 1982, 10:11:46 PM10/14/82

I agree with the speculation that the princess is the "other" that Yoda
mentioned. My reasons:

1) She is the only one (in the area) that "heard" Luke's call
for help as he hung from the bottom of the Cloud City.

2) From the information in the movies, sensitivity to the Force
seems to be genetic; Leia's father was OB1's commander in
the Clone Wars. To me this implies that he was a powerful

3) How did she withstand Imperial interrogation? Vader himself
couldn't get the rebel base's location out of her.

4) Last, but not least: It fits into the pseudo-mythical
plot that Lucas has been using so far.

Note: I bet people at nodes "dagobah" and "bespin" are chuckling
at all of this stuff.

Clayton Elwell


Oct 14, 1982, 10:17:23 PM10/14/82
I'm not quite sure of this, but I seem to remember in EMPIRE a
conversation between Yoda and OB1 something like,
Y: The boy has no patience. How am I expected to train him?
O: His father was the same way.
The implication seems to be that Luke's father grew out of it,
and Luke would too. This exchange would not be very likely if
Luke's father became Darth Vader.


Oct 17, 1982, 1:28:27 PM10/17/82
Well, on the OTHER
Han is the only other person to :
1) Hit Darth Vader (near the death star)
2) Use a light saber (on the tonton)

In addition, he can fly like nobody else, and seems to do it by
the seat of his pants, so that indicates he has some control of the
force. But the major problem is that he is too old and wild.

Leia is also too old. Remember Yoda said luke would have been too old
if not for his training. Lando is also in this state.

Some rumours state that the other is a new, young, probably female

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