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Nov 25, 1986, 4:31:29 AM11/25/86
From: boyajian%akov6...@decwrl.DEC.COM (JERRY BOYAJIAN)

> From: Garrett Fitzgerald
> I went to the local record store to check on Future Games, by Spirit. The
> guy behind the counter had never heard of it. Does this record really
> exist?

I hope so. I've got a copy in my record cabinet.

--- jayembee (Jerry Boyajian, DEC, Acton-Nagog, MA)

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the Doctor

Nov 25, 1986, 1:23:40 PM11/25/86
Okay, this may be asking for trouble, but here it goes!

I would like to compile two different sets of lists which I would post to the
net. First of all there would be a list about time and time travel containing
stories dealing with those two subjects. Secondly, I would also compile a
list on other science fiction stories dealing with a variety of phenomenon.
These lists, once I had finished editing and compiling them, would be posted
on the net so that everyone could read them and get a copy of them if needed.

If you have a story or stories that you would like to nominate for the lists,
please reply using the pathname below (jdew...@watnot.UUCP), to send me the
stories you would like to nominate. Please have two separate sections, one for
the nominations for the time and time travel story list, and one for the
stories with other phenomenon. For the second list, please specify as much
as possible the phenomenon (i.e. alternate universes, old science fiction,
man cast in alien world, etc.) as possible. Please include the author of the
story as well as where the story can be found if you yourself know where it
can be found.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Jack De Winter a.k.a. The Doctor
Resurrection College
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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"A broken clock keeps better time than you. At least it's right
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