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True christians

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Mar 29, 1984, 10:06:40 AM3/29/84
The current crop of born-agains, or whatever the term is ("Sorry, I'm
color-blind in that range myself") asks us to accept them as true Christians
and reject the established churches (particularly the Catholic church).
I understand their eagerness to do so -- it's pretty hard to defend many
of the things done by the established churches over the years.

Unfortunately, I can't see any way a non-Christian can decide which, if
any, is the real Christianity. A Christian presumably makes this decision
by seeing which ones follow his idea of Christianity, which he believes is
provided him by God (his idea, that is). I have philosophical problems with
this approach, based on the human tendency towards self-delusion -- but
in any case, valid or not it isn't available to me!

I can't claim to accept anyone as christian who claims to be -- but if I
had to decide between the Catholic church and the unorganized evangelicals,
the Catholics would win hands down by historical precedent.

-- David Dyer-Bennet
-- {...}!decwrl!rhea!mrvax!ddb

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