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Sub-Genius Query

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May 2, 1983, 1:46:23 AM5/2/83
I figured that this would be of general (if not miscellaneous)
interest, so I posted it here.

The Church of the SubGenius is a for-profit cult which believes in the
pursuit of Slack. Its spiritual leader is J.R. (Bob) Dobbs, commonly
known as Bob. Bob's right hand men are Philo Drummond and Ivan Stang,
and they work out of Dallas, Texas. They have lots of terrific
philosophical literature and recorded material. Their spewings will
make you laugh hard, they are quite clever and have a very warped sense
of humor (or is it morality) by most standards. I don't have my
literature handy, but I do know that you can send one dollar to them at

The SubGenius Foundation
Box 140306
Dallas, Texas 75214

and I assure you that you won't be disappointed with the package of
literature that you receive. Praise Bob!

Andy Tannenbaum Bell Labs Whippany, NJ (201) 386-6491

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