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Brian W. Donnelly

Jan 12, 1984, 10:02:00 PM1/12/84
Has anyone else in the world heard of a group called Fischer-Z?
I once picked up a single of their's at a store in Long Beach by
chance, and found it to be interesting. I later heard more of their
material when I was in Europe, but have only been able to locate one of
their albums here in the States, "Going Deaf for a Living." Has anyone
seen or heard any of their other albums such as "Word Salad"? A very
interesting and somewhat unique sounding group.

Here's to more tunes!
B.W. Donnelly

Alex Stein

Jan 17, 1984, 11:45:56 AM1/17/84
Fischer-Z (pronounce it "Zed," 'cuz they're British) are most famous
for "So Long" from the album "Going Deaf for a Living," an uneven album.
I managed to pick up "Word Salad" at a used-record store and recommend
it very highly. The lead singer emulates Roger Daltry a touch, making
the whole record sound like the Who would if they were still exciting.
"GDFAL" is four or five years old by now; has anyone heard anything
Fischer-Z has done since then?
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