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Quiet Riot

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Sep 29, 1983, 1:30:45 PM9/29/83

Last night on WPLJ(N.Y.) I heard a record by "quiet riot" that
sounded extremely familiar (I think from the early to mid seventies,
probably by a british artist or group).Any information would be greatly
appreciated as it's bugging the s*#t out of me.


Sep 29, 1983, 1:40:16 PM9/29/83

The song by Quiet Riot is "Cum on Feel the Noize" originally done by Slade
in the '70s. They actually do a petty good rendition of it, but it's been
ages since I've heard the original, so I can't really compare the two. The
video is extremely bizarre, and has a message for us all.


Sep 30, 1983, 2:57:36 AM9/30/83
The song by "Quiet Riot" which is entitled "Cum on feel the noiz"
or some such misspelling was originally done by the British
Rock group "Slade" in the early to mid 70s, I believe. Someone
borrowed my Slade albums a few years back and never returned them
due to a bizarre set of circumstances so I can't go check. In fact,
does anyone know if members of Slade are in Quiet Riot? The vocals
sound awfully familiar.

Slade was definitely ahead of their time. "Stomp your hands and
clap your feet" -- anybody else care to admit to having that album?

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John V. Smith

Sep 30, 1983, 9:25:14 AM9/30/83

"Cum Feel the Noize" by the group "Quiet Riot" was indeed done by a British
group called "Slade" around 1974-75. Quiet Riot's version sounds very
similar to the original except for some flashier guitar work. The first
few times I heard this song I thought it actually was slade. I thought,
wow, Slade is finally going to make it in the states. No such luck. But
the lead singers of both groups, at least in this song, have very similar
voices. I had to go home and play my "Slade Smashes" (greatest hits) album
a few times before I could tell the differance. The next time I heard the
song on the radio I found out it was Quiet Riot and once again let Slade
slide off into oblivion. Too Bad!

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John V. Smith

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