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Nina and her 99 balloons - (nf)

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Jan 20, 1984, 10:34:56 PM1/20/84
uiuccsb!rossen Jan 20 12:10:00 1984

Wrong on a couple of minor counts, Richie-o.

1) "Nena," not "Neena" (not that I CARE).

2) "Neunundneunzig Luftballoons" is indeed in English. If you are listening
to the English version, that is. Somehow, in translation, the balloons
turn red, since the English version is "Ninety-Nine Red Balloons." The
two versions sound identical on other counts. "Red" was probably added
because all hell would break loose without the additional syllable.

"Yes-iest?" I take it "Yes" is a band? Never heard of 'em. Something to
do with the movie "Yes, Giorgio," I suppose.

Kennyo. (UIUC)

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